The COVID-19 crisis has sent the world’s as well as Israel’s, High-Tech industry down a path of unknown. Both employers and employees are in a state of uncertainty regarding the continuing quarantine restrictions, which has exponentially slowed down the western economy; with Israel’s High-Tech industry resorting to extended furloughs, while others had to layoff employees. Just recently, we reported about an American website that acts as a ‘flight schedule’ for companies that are hiring, firing, and placing employees on furlough during the COVID crisis. Now, for the first time, Israel is getting its own version.


Who’s hiring? Who’s on Furlough?

The new initiative collects all the companies and startups that are actively hiring during the pandemic into one database. Creating a better picture of the employment landscape, as well as offering new opportunities to those who were laid off, put on extended leave without pay, and those who just want a fresh start.

The website was founded in the last few days by Ziv Heimlich Shtacher, a consultant at YS Growth Strategies & the Facebook group operator of ‘Snobby and Elitist Jobs’;  Eden Widel, Relate CEO, and partner in Studio Under; and Guy Katsovich, a partner in the Investment Fund and in the Fusion LA accelerator.

“Already at the beginning of the crisis, we received an increasing number of inquiries from group members that were back on the job hunt”, Ziv Heimlich Shtacher tells Geektime. In parallel, recruiters turned to us explaining that the COVID-19 crisis hadn’t affected their search for qualified personnel. We then realized that there was an information gap that needed to be closed.”

As of this moment, you can find on the list, more than 120 potential employers actively hiring during the pandemic and economic crisis.