The field of renewable energy is gaining momentum and plays a significant role in the global energy revolution, which aims to reduce pollution and emissions levels to mitigate climate change. Renewable energy includes a wide range of elements such as solar energy, energy management, off-grid solutions, and energy storage. There is a need for solutions to be developed amongst these elements and such technologies will significantly reduce the damage done to the planet.

A financial grant for pilot development

To open the door for investing in green energy products and solutions, Tadiran has announced a challenge where startups operating in the field will be able to collaborate with the company and advance their developments. The "Renewable Energy Challenge" is intended for start-up companies and projects, entrepreneurs, and engineers in the field of renewable energy.

The challenge will focus on four main topics: solar energy –solutions and technologies for efficiency and panel performance, construction for solar panels, new technologies for power generation and cleaning solutions of the panels; energy management – solutions and technologies for monitoring and controlling systems, collaborative energy, smart home and IoT systems, and energy efficiency; Off-Grid solutions – management and control solutions for advanced and high-quality systems and converters; and energy storage – alternative batteries, storage systems, and electric vehicles charging technologies.

Participants interested in the program should register for a webinar that will expose them to the project, to be held on April 4. In this webinar, Moshe Mamrod, CEO and owner of Tadiran, will present the company’s activities in the field and the goals of the challenge. During the event, the relevant verticals for the competition will be presented, for candidates to consider when submitting their ideas. After attending the webinar, any developments and solutions must be submitted by April 24th.

As part of the challenge, 10 of the leading projects will be selected to present their projects to the company's management at a forum that will take place in its offices in Petah Tikva. The winner will receive a financial grant to develop a pilot, along with a variety of tools that will help the new idea to be developed and established for its success: access to research and development laboratories, connection to a team of academics and industry executives at Tadiran, and connection to key people in the renewable energy field both within Israel and abroad.

Moshe Mamrod, CEO, and owner of Tadiran: “We expect to see a wide range of entrepreneurs and startups that will develop the next solution in the field of renewable energy. The winners will have the opportunity to put their idea into practice, alongside support from leading professionals in their field.”

For more details and to register for the webinar, click here.