Israeli startup NeuraLegion, which developed an application security and API testing platform, announced a $4.7 million Seed funding round. The investment was led by DNX Ventures with J-Ventures, Incubate Fund, and Fusion Fund also participating in the round.

Testing application security, erasing data sharing fear

“NeuraLegion is rationalizing application security for modern development organizations,” said Shoham Cohen, Co-Founder and CEO of NeuraLegion. With most of the existing application security tools relying on crawlers to detect the application surface and are riddled with false positives, which becomes a giant waste of time for developing teams. NeuraLegion’s developer-first solution allows DevOps, engineering and AppSec teams to save significant time and money as they detect and repair security risks early in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). The automated solution identifies vulnerabilities, prioritizes them by importance, and provides remediation guidelines.

“We’re enabling developers, QA professionals & application security specialists to secure their applications and APIs early in the development process, eliminating hours of wasted time looking into detected false positives. To optimize security and speed, remediations and fixes become a native part of an engineers’ workflow; that can be accessed through the command line, existing development ecosystems (CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, Azure Devops, or CircleCl), ticketing systems such as Jira, or through consoles,” adds Cohen.

NeuraLegion created an ecosystem that continuously updates attack vectors, including attacks targeting vulnerabilities in Business Logic. The folks at NeuraLegion explain that they have recognized that different organzations have different software security development methods, and that different users in those organizations implement security measures at the application level, whether it be developers, QA, or data securtiy specialists. This is where NeuraLegion’s security testing platform comes into play.

Cohen explained what it was like fundraising amid the raging global pandemic, saying that investors had cut contact during the initial outbreak, “but recently, during Q3, the round was accelerated, and actually, the round was oversubscribed, and investors were left off the ticket.”

NeuraLegion employs a team of 35, with offices in Tel Aviv, Bosnia, San Francisco, and London. The company was founded in 2018 by four partners: CEO Shoham Cohen, CTO Bar Hofesh, Chief Scientist Art Linkov, and President and CCO Gadi Bashvitz. Flushed with new funding, the company aims to expand U.S. market penetration, in addition to the roll out of the company’s self-serve product for developers to sign up in a matter of minutes.