Israeli start-up Nemo Nanomaterials has emerged out of stealth to make nanomaterials a reality in our increasingly complex industrial world

New and sustainable technologies are on the rise, but with new technology comes a new need: access to innovative materials designed for safe, sustainable manufacturing and production. Nanomaterials are revolutionizing the possibilities of industrial additives that can be used across all sectors.

Israeli start up Nemo is leading the way in nanomaterials . Their technology is the sole enabler for replacing metals with plastic materials. They do so by achieving desired electrical conductivity and EMI shielding properties while maintaining the original features of the plastic. In other words, their technology and techniques for processing and mixing carbon nanomaterials enhances plastics with features of metals. Their nanomaterial dispersion technology creates versatile-function nanostructures and ensures a stable and even integration into any material. It essentially weaves together the additive and material on a nano level to enhance performance, without the need to change process equipment. Not only is there zero performance trade-off, but it also facilitates innovative design and function possibilities across sectors, while allowing customers to use raw materials more efficiently.

Nemo Nanomaterials technology can be applied to vehicles, electronics, textile, construction, telecom, energy, the aviation and aerospace sectors, and other sectors dealing with advanced electronic systems. Their technology can reduce the weight of parts by up to 30% when compared with metals. Hood parts, fluid supply lines, battery casings - you name it- their technology can be applied. With its virtually limitless application, the possibilities and markets are endless.

A good example of its application would be for the automotive industry. As the world moves away from old, polluting products to greener, leaner, and smarter vehicles, the demand for lightweight, durable automotive parts is huge. However, these parts must still provide electrical conductivity and electromagnetic shielding. Nemo Nanomaterials can address that, while sustainably managing the product's lifecycle.

“High-end carbon nanomaterials have been known to mankind for decades. They recently were made available on a commercial scale. Many companies have made a lot of promises about making real industrial products out of them, but Nemo is unique in making them a reality.” said Jonathan Antebi, Co-founder and VP of Business Development at Nemo Nanomaterials.

Nemo Nanomaterials was established in 2018 by Alexander Zinigrad and Jonathan Antebi. The company has successfully raised $7 million in pre-seed and seed funding, the bulk of which came from GEM Capital. The start-up is already working with 10 large companies, including multi-billion-dollar conglomerates, and has already started manufacturing tons of products following commercial orders from customers.