Israeli MedTech startup Nanox, an innovative medical imaging technology company, announces it has closed a $110 million equity investment round from strategic global investors, which began in December 2019. January saw the company land $26 million, another $20 million in June, $5 million from private investors in-between, all culminating to July’s largest investment of $59 million, led primarily by Israeli-based A-Labs Advisory and Finance Ltd.

Nanox developed a StarTrek-like diagnostics bed that is focusing on revolutionizing the X-Ray machine. Even though modern technology now spans across the globe, the world still suffers from a severe lack of medical imaging resources, mainly due to the high cost of the machines. Nanox is bringing a change to the game, significantly dropping the weight of these machines which is another determining factor on the machine's price. The Israeli MedTech startup is aiming to reduce the cost of the machine from millions to only $10,000, enabling more people easy access to these potentially life-saving imaging devices.

Nanox has already sealed deals for the deployment of the medical imaging machine and accompanied services in 123 different countries spanning 5 continents, literally an effort to bring affordable but state-of-the-art tech to the global community. Aiming to revolutionize early-detection healthcare through a pay-per-scan business model that will enable these critical machines to be significantly more accessible to a variety of previously lacking communities

Nanox Imaging Machine source: LUZ corporate photography

The machine comes accompanied with a variety of different services, including Nanox.Cloud services, diagnostic reviews, billing, and more. Making the imaging device a one-stop-shop for potential preventative medical diagnostic.

"It is easy to say that we are aiming to change the world,” says Ran Poliakine, co-founder and CEO of Nanox. “the main challenge with such statements is always the execution. We have a bold vision of helping to eradicate cancer and other diseases by means of early detection. We are actively working for the deployment of a global medical imaging service infrastructure that may turn this dream into reality. We cannot do it without partners and investors who share our vision and support our plan. I thank our friends at SK Telecom, Foxconn, Industrial Alliance and Yozma Korea for their faith and trust in the Nanox team and vision."

Nanox CEO Ron Poliakine source: LUZ corporate photography

Nanox was founded in 2012 in a joint venture between Israeli-based Ran Poliakine and Japan Laboratories Manager Hitoshi Masuya. Funds raised from the spread-out round are planned to primarily support the rollout of the Nanox.ARC deployments worldwide.