MyHomeDoc, an Israeli startup developing a remote diagnosis device, has received an FDA approval for its telehealth solution. The FDA OK follows quickly after receiving CE clearance to market in Europe, now opening the company to the coveted U.S. healthcare market.

Backing from Phillips and Teva

The device developed by MyHomeDoc relies on 4 embedded sensors which connect with the user’s smartphone to provide instant remote vital signs readings, by performing the nine most common tests required for primary medical care. The 9 tests include a stethoscope check (lung, heart, and bowel sounds), otoscopy of the ear, oximeter (pulse rate and saturation), thermometer (body temperature), and a throat and skin test that uses the smartphone’s camera. The MyHomeDoc allows patients from anywhere and at any time to send vital sign readings directly to the user’s caring physician, who can prioritize his checkups accordingly.

Furthermore, the device, which can be used on children as young as two years old, also helps reduce frequent clinic visits for elderly, patients with preexisting conditions, chronic pain, or others, becoming even more prevalent during the social distancing pandemic. Users are treated with an easy-to-use interface where they can receive their doctor’s review, referral, or prescription in real-time.

MyHomeDoc was founded back in 2016. The product came to life after receiving support from a joint venture platform, including Phillips, Teva, and Sanara Ventures. The company has offices in New York and headquarters in Israel.

“An FDA approval is an important milestone for every healthcare startup. It will help us harness a technology that advances telemedicine with a solution that helps both the patients and the medical staff. The COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated the acute need for telemedicine solutions that simplify the clinical testing and diagnosis process at the patient’s home or community healthcare centers. We are confident the integration of our advanced healthcare technology will pave the way to more benefits for patients and care providers alike,” said Alon Natanson CEO of MyHomeDoc.