Israeli life-science firm MyBiotics Pharma Ltd., which develops microbiome-based therapeutics solutions, announced that it was awarded $2.3 million by the European Union as part of its Horizon 2020 Program.

MyBiotics develops multi-strain collections of human bacteria, enabling the generation of effective, personalized, human-bacteria based probiotics. The Israeli pharma company explains that its technologies are effective for single microbes, complex microbial consortia and whole microbiome products, and when integrated with a computational AI platform, enables the design of unique microbial consortia and whole microbiome profiles to help restore microbiome equilibrium.

"MyBiotics' technology enables the transformation of beneficial bacteria to clinically efficient products. Our proprietary, microbial nature-driven, enhanced technology combined with microbes with potential health benefit, holds the potential to greatly improve existing probiotic solutions," stated David Daboush, CEO of MyBiotics Pharma.

MyBiotics was founded in 2014 by CEO David Daboush and board member David Baram PhD. According to MyBiotics, the grant will support the development of a novel technology enabling efficient delivery of personalized probiotics to prevent gut-related diseases and recover damaged gut microbiota. "The Horizon 2020 Program grant is a significant validation and strong vote of confidence in MyBiotics and will support our development of more effective, next generation probiotics," added Daboush.