Israel-India relations have never been stronger, the second largest country in the world turns to an Israeli veteran to provide support for the 'Made-In-India' vision, as the country aims to boost its bomb and drug detection capabilities.

Veteran Israeli company MS Tech Ltd.,  a global developer, manufacturer, and innovator of nanotechnology, IoT and big-data sensors, announced an expansion of its global presence with the establishment of MS Tech Innovation Private Limited, a fully owned subsidiary by MS Tech Ltd.

The company will aim to facilitate the Indian government and Indian PM Narendra Modi’s vision of “Aatmanirbhar Bharat” which is “Self-Reliant India”. MS Tech Innovation will enrich its manufacturing, assembly, sales, marketing and technical support activities across the sub continent. This comes as India looks to invest further in advanced explosives and narcotics detection systems.

According to Doron Shalom, CEO of MS Tech Ltd, “The ongoing process of establishment of the subsidiary in India is a result of our understanding of the need for local representation and is another step in strengthening our support and commitment to our customers in the Indian market. We are looking forward to our continued cooperation with India while supporting the vision of raising its manufacturing capacity, creativity, skills and employment.”

The Company’s flagship products are the EXPLOSCAN and DUOSCAN: Both products focus on tracing and detecting vapors that stem from narcotics or explosives. By using High-Frequency Quartz Crystal Microbalance “HF-QCM” nanotechnology sensors developed, manufactured and patented by MS Tech Ltd. Both systems feature an innovative design with self-calibrating and self-cleaning capabilities, with the highest levels of operational availability.

MS Tech's DUOSCAN product credit: MS Tech

The HF-QCM nanotechnology sensors are non-radioactive, providing a complete green and safe working environment. The EXPLOSCAN and DUOSCAN are provide much needed solutions for aviation and transportation security, high-threat facilities and critical infrastructures, military, customs and border control, mail inspection and cargo screening markets. The systems are operational proven in a wide spectrum of temperatures and withstand even the harshest environmental conditions including, dust and humidity.

Mr. Shalom further adds that “MS Tech’s explosive and narcotics detection solutions are already successfully deployed in dozens of international and domestics airports across India. The Make-In-India activities will enable us to expand our capabilities for further projects in the aviation, defense and security sectors and keep our efficient and fast service and support to our Indian customers.