Israeli startup Foretellix, developer of safety verification software for autonomous vehicles, has teamed up with the Israeli driver assistance OG Mobileye to bring to market an Automatic Lane-Keeping System (ALKS) solution that meets new regulatory requirements.

Measurable safety is the name of the autonomous game

The joint package deploys Mobileye’s Responsibility-Sensitive Safety (RSS) support following a successful joint demonstration of ALKS safety regulation and compliance flow. This will provide OEMs and automotive manufacturers with a solution for certification requirements of ALKS automated driving systems.

Foretellix had recently launched its proprietary ADAS & Highway solution to provide broad verification capabilities, including recently acquired Metamoto’s Simulation-as-a-Service technologies, of the different levels of autonomous ready vehicles, from human assistance required to sit back and do crossword puzzles all the way to work.

"We are excited to show how our Coverage Driven verification approach, combined with Mobileye's RSS, helps bring the industry closer to the goal of measurable safety," said Gil Amid, Chief Regulatory Affairs Officer and Foretellix co-founder.

Gil Amid, Co-Founder, Chief Regulatory Affairs Officer and VP Operations at Foretellix credit: Dror Sithakol

In a joint demonstration with Mobileye, the ALKS verification package generated the required regulation scenarios and parameters and provided measurable metrics on the RSS controlled vehicle behavior. The package used Mobileye's RSS model to ensure that the tested vehicle does not initiate dangerous situations and properly responds to dangerous situations initiated by other vehicles. These scenarios were varied over a wide range of parameter values, demonstrating that safety, as well as regulatory requirements, are met.

"Regulators will require proof of a vehicle's ability to avoid reasonably foreseeable and preventable collisions," said Jack Weast, Vice President of AV standards at Mobileye. "The Foretellix Foretify approach using RSS gives OEMs a way to demonstrate compliance with the most advanced automated driving regulation in the world."