While most cyber-security startups focus on preventing the next data-breach attack, there are startups out there that know that the next attack is just waiting to teach us a lesson in data-protection Hubris. With this in mind, a new Israeli startup emerges from stealth focusing on an organization’s post-attack environment.  

Communication is key

These days, we know that the next cyber-attack is not an ‘if?’, but rather more of a ‘when?’, says Ofer Maor, CTO and co-founder at Mitiga, which chose today to come out from under the radar. “We don’t focus on prevention… mostly because it doesn’t really matter how much protection I use, the next attack is inevitable,” Maor tells in a conversation with Geektime. Instead of following the herd and focusing on preventing the next attack, Mitiga wants to help organizations manage the post-hack environment, assuming that the next crippling attack is a ticking time bomb just waiting to blow.  

Pictured - a man at a computer disguised as an anonymous hacker wearing a Guy Fawkes mask.
Photo by Clint Patterson / Unsplash

Maor explains that Mitiga spreads itself throughout the organization’s infrastructure, including the cloud. When the network is finally breached, the system quickly investigates, collects case data, and provides insight, translating the data into remediation steps for the organization decision-makers.

The Israeli cyber-startup operates in relatively virgin territory. As usually, the investigation phase is done manually, where attacked organizations call on investigating companies, which delegate different tasks down the organizational pipeline, wasting valuable time. “It’s a non-efficient process. These days, response time is counted in weeks and months, which is way too long, in the meantime, it creates a lot of damage for the organization,” according to Maor. So instead of that time-consuming chaos, Mitiga’s system reports to pre-dedicated personnel exact detail of events and provides clear remediation steps moving forward, making communication key, and in any language needed.

For example, let’s take an organization’s data-security team, they will receive a detailed report highlighting the technical data behind the breach and how it happened, or whether there is still any hostile activity in the organization’s network. Though the really cool thing is that Mitiga’s system goes beyond communicating only with an organization’s technical personnel. The system goes throughout the organizational network delegating steps to each sector, from getting the PR team involved in the conversation with info relevant to their position, while board members receive critical stock information for the organization’s post-attack reality, and so on. This whole process is done quickly and efficiently, erasing the unnecessary back and forths. Mitiga claim that this way leads to accelerating recovery and response time from weeks to a few hours.  

$7M already in the bank

Other than coming out of stealth mode, Friday also brought a closing of the company’s $7 million Seed funding round from Rain Capital, Flint Capital, Gillot Capital, Clearsky Security, and DNX Ventures. Mitiga was founded in 2019 by Ofer Maor, Tal Mozes, and Ariel Parnes. Both Maor and Mozes have already seen success on the startup scene with 2 exits: Hacktics which was acquired by EY, and Seeker, which was acquired by Synopsys. Parnes was an obvious fit for the founding trio with his high-ranking experience coming out of Israel’s elite 8200 unit’s cyber division. Mitiga runs a team of 18 employees in London, NYC, and Tel Aviv.