It’s no wonder that as an organization grows and moves more onto cloud environments and platforms, it becomes harder to track all the various authorizations and permissions flying around. IT ends up drowning in tickets from their security departments, oftentimes making wrong decisions that can put the whole organization at threat. Israeli startup, Authomize, aims to turn authorization chaos into automated efficiency, by creating a map of identity and cloud service permissions, turning the potentially dangerous overload of tickets to an easy and automated process. The company announced today (Tuesday), a $6 million Seed round led by M12 (Microsoft’s VC fund), Blumberg Capital, and Entrée Capital.

It can manage authorizations for you and tell you why

Authomize’s platform creates a model of desired authorizations and uses automation to correctly manage them while advising IT on the exact right level of permissions, while also managing risk and ensuring compliance. However, groundbreaking as this may sound, there are actually a few Israeli startups with the same goal in mind, like Polyrize and Ermetic. While speaking to Geektime, Authomize CEO, Dotan Bar Noy explained that in addition to mapping and automating authorizations, the system can also explain the reasoning behind the authorization decision, and moreover show the results following this action. “Nobody is doing that today,” he claims.

With the ever-increasing number of SaaS, IaaS, and the various use of cloud-based apps paired with the growing number of in-organization human and machine identities requiring constant authorizations, the organization’s structural vulnerability is at an all-time high. Authomize is able to connect to the different organizational identities and apps, like Office products, G Suite, GitHub, AWS, and Salesforce, mining information about the requesting identity and its resources. From that data, the platform can build a Generic Authorization Network that displays and allows for easy management of all the different required authorizations. Then the AI machine-learning system creates an optimization model for each organization that can explain the logic behind each action, as well as adapts and improves protocol if for some reason the system’s recommended action is rejected by the user.  

While current standard identity governance and administration (IGA) solutions can take between 3 months to a few years, depending on the organization’s size, Bar Noy claims that Authomize’s system integration takes only 2 minutes. In organizations with thousands of employees, the system can start producing insight within just a couple of hours.

source: Authomize

The company intends on putting the new capital towards the continuing product development, expanding system integration efforts, and recruiting to the already 15 strong team at Authomize. The Tel Aviv based company was founded in 2019 by CEO Dotan Bar Noy; CTO Gal Diskin; and VP R&D Ran Liberman.