Fueled by the transition to remote work, the concept of Zero Trust entered the lives and work of many of us. That is, the concept holds that no one can be trusted and that everyone's actions must be checked, even if they have been identified, or have limited access; the assumption should be that some sort of hack will plague you or your company, no matter how protected you think you are. But a new Israeli startup claims that even if you work in the Zero Trust model, you are probably doing it wrong.

Not a Zero Trust solution, but a solution to Zero Trust solutions

Mesh Security, which emerged from stealth today, has developed a SaaS platform that is able to connect to any corporate cloud environment, maps the entire environment (through identities, SaaS applications, cloud infrastructure (IaaS), data sources, and more) and then identifies which are the most sensitive assets. It then removes and prioritizes the most critical risks, making manual processes fully automated in what is called ZTPM, or Zero Trust Posture Management. According to the company, the solution is agentless, and its implementation only takes a few minutes.

In a conversation with Geektime, Netanel Azoulay, CEO of Mesh, explained that the company does not compete with the dozens of Zero Trust infrastructure providers that already exist in the market. "We don't pretend to replace them," he says. "Mesh Security is the missing part of any modern corporate cyber set-up designed to realize the Zero Trust architecture and enables the challenging and cross-environment implementation." According to him, there are many companies on the market that offer one-stop solutions for the separate management of each of your systems. "The problem is that organizations that are in the cloud today are made up of tens of thousands of different entities of people, machines, technologies, and environments that are all managed separately by different teams. This creates complexity and many blind spots, which significantly expand the attack surface and increase the risk for companies to be harmed by an attack. Today, there is no solution on the market that analyzes all these factors in one management interface and enables end-to-end visibility and control– and this is the only way to achieve true Zero Trust. And that's what Mesh does.”

Emerged from stealth with some cash

Mesh Security was founded by Netanel Azoulay (CEO) and Omri Hering (CTO) in 2022. The two met more than a decade ago during their bachelor's degree studies at Reichman University (known then as the Interdisciplinary Center) in Herzliya. The company currently employs about 10 people in its offices in Tel Aviv. Today (Wednesday) the startup emerged from stealth with a seed fundraising round of $4.5 million from Booster Ventures.