Today (Wednesday), Israeli AI-driven asset management and investment strategy company, Pagaya, announces a GIC led $102 million Series D funding round, with Oak HC/FT, Poalim Ventures, Viola, Aflac Global Ventures, Clal Insurance, and Thai bank SCB all participating in this latest round.

Passes $200M mark in total funding

Pagaya develops alternative credit asset management solutions and strategies for institutional investors through machine learning technology: the company’s solution analyzes millions of past loans and other relevant data banks to offer the most feasible short-duration high-yield investment opportunities, and it’s all done in a matter of milliseconds.    

Behind the scenes, the company’s asset management team is made up of 30 data scientists and AI experts, who conduct a deep risk management analysis for institutional investors. With a focus on fixed income and alternative credit, Pagaya’s proprietary AI technology allows investors to quickly identify their next worthwhile investment out of a pool of risk vetted data-backed options.

Pagaya was founded in 2016 by CEO Gal Krubiner, CTO Avital Pardo, and CRO Yahav Yulzari. Following the mega Series D funding round, it looks like the company will use the funds to further expand into real estate, car loans, mortgages, and organizational credit markets. With total funding of $200 million up to date, the company now manages over $1.6 billion in AI managed assets compared to $450 million from April 2019.