Have you ever heard the phrase "video is king"? Though it is true, making a video requires lots of behind-the-scenes hours of editing, even for a simple video. Plus, if you want more complex features like subtitles, special effects, or compatibility with different platforms, the hours just keep adding up. So, a new Israeli startup to give you video editing skills without the hassle.

Want to delete something from the video? Just delete the text

The Israeli startup Peech isn't offering Oscar-winning film editing, but it does want to be a platform for you to create and edit your company videos. All you have to do is upload your raw materials to the platform and determine your "brand book" which uses your prefered logos and colour palette, and they do the rest

Peech uses AI and NLP to transcribe and analyze what the speaker in the video is saying and uses said script to put together a video. The system can also add opening and closing credits, music, graphic titles, animations, photos, stock footage and dozens more to make the videos as professional as possible. If you are not satisfied with something, you can delete sections of the text that the system analyzed, and the system will fix it automatically (instead of deleting frames and sections from the timeline, as in traditional editing software). You can also create abbreviated versions of your video with the click of a button and create versions that are adapted to vertical, horizontal displays and square videos – to fit all platforms. If you want, you can also export the same video in several languages, or different editing styles. Every element created by the system can, of course, be removed and changed if you want more control over the final product. Currently, Peech only supports English.

In a conversation with Danielle Dafni, CEO of Peech, we wondered if giant companies like Adobe couldn't take what Peech does and turn it into a feature. According to Dafni, they could do it, but aren't interested in doing so: "It is important to remember that large software companies like Adobe, which have developed professional and sophisticated editing software (including Premiere and After Effects), constitute a professional and complex solution for professionals in the fields of video and animation. They are developing as many features as possible, which will allow professionals who work on video content day and night to be precise with every pixel and to control every element using complex software that is downloaded to a computer. Peech appeals to the content teams, who do not come with previous experience in video editing, design, or animation, nor do they necessarily want to develop it. They want to deal with what is important to them, which is to produce excellent content.”

Nas Daily is in

Today (Monday) Peech announces the completion of an $8.3 million Seed fundraising round led by Ibex Investors with participation from Fresh Fund, Cardumen Capital, Ariel Maislos and YouTuber Nas Daily. According to Dafni, she has been following Nas Daily for years, and one of the investors in the company suggested that they connect. After they met, he told her that he translates his videos into 17 languages and decided that he wanted to invest in the company: "Not many people know, but Nas wanted to invest a lot even before I set out to recruit funds officially. He was actually the first to say he was in." Peech was founded in 2020 by Danielle Dafni (CEO) and Jonathan Amit Kanareck (CTO) and employs 20 people in its offices in Tel Aviv.