In recent years, we have not stopped hearing about "information-based decisions", and many organizations don’t move their product forward without comparing it with real information first. But the Israeli startup LinearB claims that the development teams in companies and organizations work without this data. To change that, the startup has launched an interesting platform that helps technology companies make smarter decisions and know where they stand compared to other companies.

Connects to everything you're already using

LinearB's platform connects to all types of systems involved in the development process, such as SCM systems, task management systems (like JIRA or any other system), CI/CD systems and Incident Management Systems. Then, the platform analyzes the data, and begins to generate insights for the development team: Where are the bottlenecks formed? How can you reduce waiting times when it comes to dependence on other factors in the organization? What will you really be able to complete in your next sprint and how should you focus? All of these are supposed to improve the productivity of development teams, without them having to learn a new tool.

"Nowadays, when we look at huge amounts of data available, the average time from writing a code until it reaches production is 6-7 days. Of that, 4 days are spent waiting for “Pull Request” approval," says Ori Keren, CEO of LinearB in conversation with Geektime. "Our system, which learns and processes advanced information, knows how to shorten this cycle to an average of two days– from writing the code until it is distributed for production–all the while shortening the time that developers have to wait.” According to the company, the use of LinearB’s platform increases the efficiency of the development team by an average of 64% within about 4 months.

LinearB is another player in the growing market of startups in the B2D world– companies that develop products, tools, and services that are generally intended for programmers and developers working for technology companies. Like other startups in the field, LinearB also offers the product for free, but for teams of less than 8 people only. "We see a strong necessity, especially in teams where the developers are frustrated from the code review process that just takes too long. Our system gives immediate value and improvement to this pain. We often have experienced developers see the value that our system has in knowing how to produce the desired results and making the right prioritizations, "claims Keren, who says that 50% of the company's customers started using the free product, and then the team started paying for it.


LinearB was founded in 2018 by Ori Keren (CEO) and Dan Lines (COO), and currently employs about 60 people, most of them in Israel with some in the United States. According to the company, more than 100,000 users and developers are using their product. Today (Monday) the startup announced the completion of an impressive $50 million Series B funding round led by Tribe Capital with participation from Battery Ventures, North 83, and Salesforce's investment arm. To date, the company has raised about $71 million.