One of the problems that developers run into while an app is running, is the lack of flexibility when defining what the application can share in real-time. So, you can continue adding desired logs and metrics as part of updates and launches, or look into the platform developed by Israeli startup Lightrun, which offers developers “shift-left” observability from within their desired and existing programs (IDEs, CLIs, code repositories), and the ability to add logs, metrics and traces to running applications.

In addition, the Lightrun system uses various tracers, timers, and other tracking technologies to monitor performance and find bottlenecks in real-time, without impacting operations.

By the way, if you're looking for full control over your code and sensitive data, Lightrun can also be installed locally on your system, in addition to cloud (SaaS) capabilities - with the cloud agnostic system also running on containers and serverless.

“More than a debugger”

While chatting with Geektime, Ilan Peleg, CEO and co-founder at Lightrun, noted that the company’s solution offers more than just a debugger.

In comparison to other products (like Rookout), what’s special about your solution?

Peleg: “Lightrun’s solution is a developer native observability platform, which alerts developers to problems, and enables them to determine metrics and notifications in real-time, while ensuring new feature performance.”

Your last round was less than a year ago. Why rush to raise again?

Peleg: “The company significantly expanded through strong development, product, customer relation, and we won the Gartner Cool Vendor. Now that we’ve launched our free version for our community and expanded support from java to node.js and python as well; we saw it as the right move to fund now and further establish our lead in the industry.”

Just recently, Lightrun, the company founded in 2019 by Ilan Peleg and Leonid Blauvshtein, announced the closing of a $23 million Series A round. The investment was led by red hot investors Insight Partners, while also seeing participation from Glilot Capital - the company’s existing investor. The company has raised $27 million to date.