Last November, the Israeli company Laminar stepped out of stealth mode, raising $32 million from the Israeli cyber company Sentinel One, along with several other well-known funds. Today (Thursday) Laminar announced it increased that round by another $30 million - this time led by the investment arm of Salesforce and Tiger Global. Sentinel One also participated in the expansion alongside the investors from the previous round: Insight Partners, Meron Capital Fund and TLV Partners.

So your cloud won’t leak

As organizations move to develop in cloud environments, the power passes into the hands of the developers. Therefore, the information security teams lose the ability to track the information that is there, and the ability to protect it. Once an attacker manages to penetrate a cloud environment, he has no obstacle in the way of information theft. Laminar, founded in 2020 by Amit Shaked (CEO) and Oren Avraham (CTO), have developed a system that allows its customers to get a complete picture of all the information available in their cloud infrastructure and how it is protected. In addition, the system also monitors all accesses to sensitive information and detects anomalies.

In a conversation with Geektime, Shaked previously said that all this is done in an Agentless architecture, which distinguishes information asynchronously and without interfering with the flow of information. "The product is unique in that it is the first to enable information protection teams to deal with the rapidly evolving cloud environment (cloud data protection). All other existing products for cloud security focus on protecting infrastructure from intrusion, not information from unwanted access. All other information protection products. All other data protection products focus on the organizational environment and have not adapted to the cloud environment," Shaked said.

The two founders of the company have a background in the startup world, as Shaked was the manager of the AI team in Israel at Magic Leap and Avraham was one of the first employees and Chief Architect at the startup Medigate - which develops a cyber security system for medical equipment. The Israeli company operated under the radar until November and managed to raise a seed round of $5 million. Now, they have added a Series A round totalling $67 million. Laminar's research and development center is located in Tel Aviv and is headquartered in New York.

Shaked said in announcing the expansion of the round that "the experience and expertise of the team in the field of cloud security, along with the ongoing collaboration with customers and partners along the way, allow us to continue to improve our value proposition at an unparalleled pace with our competitors. More and more organizations are understanding the need for comprehensive cloud protection to help tackle the challenges that lie ahead, and we are very excited for that future to come."