Israeli startup KRE8.TV, which created a platform that connects people with influencers and celebrities, announced the completion of a $1.1 million Seed round led by Mellanox co-founder and President Eyal Waldman and Benson Oak Ventures.

Similar to Cameo

The COVID-19 outbreak has only enhanced the way fans connect with their favorite influencers and celebrities, moving the interactions to the digital sphere. KRE8.TV wants to provide people who want the personalized celebrity messages with a one-stop-shop platform able to reach leading celebrities, influencers, and reality TV stars.

The company notes that its U.S. expansion is planned for the upcoming months, where the 2017 established service Cameo rules. Some say that the U.S video-sharing platform is the “spirtual father” and the inspiration behind KRE8.TV, which already bost an impressive line of Israeli influencers alongside International celebrities, including everyone’s favorite TV agent, Jeremy Piven. KRE8.TV will have to bring added value to the service in an effort to challenge the established Cameo app.

It’s obvious that the Israeli company is very ambitious, as the company claims that it’s aiming to create a large community within a year, reaching numerous individuals who want to add a second income through the platform. As of today, the platform contains 125 celebs, and 25,000 monthly users.

KRE8.TV platform founder Roy Herman explained: “I want to thank Benson Oak Ventures, which see the company’s potential and decided to invest funds and their rich market experience. Together we will continue to grow and expand into international markets.”