Israeli startup Reps.AI, which develops an AI-powered service agent insight platform, announced that it has been acquired by knowledge management platform KMS Lighthouse for an undisclosed amount. Reps AI was founded in 2017 by Boaz Omanuti and Shachar Grembek and was valuated at $20 million, according to its last funding round in 2019.

Retention rock stars

According to Reps.AI, its platform “turns service agents into retention rock stars”. With technology that collects valuable data from consumer interaction and service agent workflow, Reps is able to easily implement a software-only approach for service agents, empowered with AI-driven insight, to improve enterprise-consumer interaction, increase retention rate, and most importantly, efficiently solve customer queries. This technology has already been integrated into leading market giants, including easyJet, monday, and Yves Rocher, among others. "We are excited to join the amazing team of KMS Lighthouse, which has seen tremendous growth over the past year.” said Reps.AI CEO and co-founder Boaz Omanuti.

“The acquisition of Reps AI will enable KMS Lighthouse to continue innovating and developing AI technology in its solutions,” said Sagi Eliyahu, CEO of KMS Lighthouse, “As our global customers seek ways to automate certain client communications, the unique Reps AI technology will help us provide seamless, AI-driven customer experiences coupled with knowledge management, all automated in a single platform.”

Lighthouse helps businesses in various industries reduce agent training and customer call time, and to minimize error rate. The acquisition will accelerate KMS Lighthouse’s innovation and development endeavors, with Reps AI employees immediately joining the company ranks at their innovation center in the heart of Tel Aviv. The takeover will allow the Tel Aviv firm to enhance the AI-powered functionality of its solutions and to pass the benefits along to clients.

.“Leveraging our joint technology will engender a unique solution that transforms the landscape of knowledge management via AI, increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction,” added CTO and co-founder Shachar Grembek.