Israeli semiconductor startup Kameleon Security, which develops a cyber protection chip for servers, announced a collaboration American tech company Xilinx, a developer of flexible and adaptive processing chips, and was recently acquired by AMD for $35 billion . In addition, Kameleon will launch its new cyber-security product - ProSPU.

Kameleon’s ProSPU is compliant with Open Compute Project (OCP) and provides a comprehensive cyber-security chip for servers, data centers, and cloud computing. The Israeli company’s SPU enforces system security not only at boot, but also at runtime, effectively preventing Zero-Day attacks.

Kameleon’s unique approach not only protects systems at boot, but it also uses the power of our industry-leading FPGAs to protect systems at runtime,” said Sina Soltani, vice president worldwide sales, Data Center Group at Xilinx. “We see many opportunities for this solution, and we look forward to getting it to the market.”

Both Kameleon and Xilinx have been long-time members of OCP, and Kameleon is an active contributor to the Open Compute Security specifications. OCP is an open standards organization, and the Security workgroup is developing specifications for data center security. At this week’s OCP Tech Week virtual event, OCP will release Version 1.0 specification for Root of Trust (RoT), which includes security documents for secure boot, attestation and common threats scope.

“Kameleon was founded with a simple premise in mind, strengthening the computing foundations to secure the systems from the hardware up,” said Jorge Myszne, co-founder and CEO of Kameleon. “We are delighted to see OCP and its members recognizing the importance of hardware-based security and validating the important role that it plays in protecting against cyber-attacks.”

According to Kameleon, by combining Xilinx’ field-programmable gate array (FPGA) with Kameleon’s cyber-security chip solution, the joint venture will aim to bring to market the first proactive Security Processing Unit (ProSPU) that will enforce compute system security throughout its lifecycle.

Kameleon was founded in 2019 by CEO Jorge Myszne, VP of Engineering Ido Naishtein, and Efi Sasson. Embracing transparency as a critical requirement for trustworthy security, Kameleon will release the source code for supporting peripheral attestation to the open compute community. The collaborative venture are partnering with ecosystem customers to advance the technology and push for a 2021 commercial launch of the ProSPU.