Israeli utilities IoT company Kando teams up with Italian water service and utilities company CO.R.D.A.R Valsesia, SpA.  to provide the northwestern Italian region of Piedmont with a proven data-driven solution to water management. Recently, Kando also deployed its data-driven wastewater management expertise in collaboration with leading Israeli universities in order to provide an early detection solution for COVID-19 through sewage systems.  

By deploying Machine-Learning technologies, Kando’s Big Data system is able to continuously manage and adapt to wastewater changes, which can cause a variety of public health concerns if not managed properly. This is where the Israeli firm’s system comes into effect by providing deep actionable insight, thus improving the whole supply chain’s flow (literally).

Maximizing efficiency and building environmental sustainability

CO.R.D.A.R Valsesia, SpA., an integrated water services utility in Piedmont, Italy, provides water services to tens of thousands of residents in the northern region. The utility provider claims that since zoning regulations had changed in 2017, their service area has grown to include more industrial sites, leading to an increase in heavy metals and organic loads at its wastewater treatment plant. This is what led them to turn to the Israeli company for a smart, data-driven solution, with a focus on water pollution prevention.

Kando's solution will simultaneously enable CO.R.D.A.R Valsesia to minimize pollution events and mitigate their effects. Real-time network condition data will be transmitted live to Kando's cloud-based analytics engine. There, the firm's proprietary algorithms will generate actionable insights. With increased knowledge of when pollution events are happening and from where they are coming, the utility can adapt its treatment processes to meet real-world needs and reduce future pollution events.

Kando was founded in 2011 by CEO Ari Goldfarb, who celebrated the newfound wastewater partnership by noting that: "We're delighted to be working with CO.R.D.A.R Valsesia: a utility committed to maximizing efficiency and building environmental sustainability into their working practices, all while delivering the best possible service to their customers.