In my podcast, I explore the many different facets of the world of high tech from development to marketing, to sales, to entrepreneurship, all with the goal of collecting key insights on startups for listeners to gain value from this knowledge-sharing. So what did I discover this week?

The year is coming to an end, which is always an exciting time to be able to look back and see just how far High Tech on the Low has come, as far as a podcast is concerned. A little over two years later and we are still on a mission to present our listeners with some of the most inspiring high-tech experts and entrepreneurs. At the end of the day, the goal has always been to make content that interests ‘would-be’ and seasoned techies, entrepreneurs, and investors, and to give them information so they can understand more transparently how the industry works, what some of the trends are, and how they can enter and make their impact.

Numbers-wise, just like every Spotify subscriber, I too get to enjoy Spotify’s ‘Wrapped’. While the show is on multiple platforms including Apple, Google, and others, Spotify showed that this year alone, I made 35 new episodes and over 1000 minutes of content

Moreover, I had listeners from over 37 different countries with our main audiences in the US, Israel, and France (in that order) and an audience growth of nearly 453%. It goes to show that tech is on people’s minds and, even more so, entrepreneurial endeavours are of growing interest to many of my listeners.

So what’s coming up for 2023? I figured I would go into a deep dive both on what seems to be the podcasting trends for 2023 as well as give you some sneak previews of what I intend to focus on come 2023.

2023 promises to be a great year for the continued growth of the medium. Podcasting has experienced a tremendous uptick in recent years, driven by the increasing availability of podcasts on a variety of platforms, including smart speakers and other devices that make it easy to listen to podcasts on the go. As more people discover the convenience and variety of podcasts, the more podcasting will grow as a preferred medium for many looking to learn.

One new development in the podcast space is the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to enhance the listening experience. This includes the use of AI to personalize recommendations based on a listener's history and preferences, as well as the use of machine learning to analyze and understand the content of podcasts. This technology can help to surface relevant and interesting podcasts to listeners, and may also be used to improve the accuracy of transcriptions and translations.

In this same vein, podcasters will be looking to add to their arsenal interactive elements such as quizzes, polls, and other interactive features. These elements can make the listening experience more engaging and immersive, and can also be used to gather feedback and data from listeners. Some podcasters (me?) may also experiment with virtual reality and other immersive technologies to create a more interactive listening experience. You can learn more about technologies that help with this type of media production in our episode with Bonnka Lim from Tetavi.

So What’s Up With High Tech on the Low?

As always, I aim to bring my listeners some of the most up-to-date tech content that focuses on revolutionary developments and actionable advice for building a startup or entering high-tech. The goal this year will be to continue to focus on these types of guests, while also trying to bring certain topics to the forefront that are close to my heart, and those of the viewers. In an ode to VC investment trends, I intend to focus on topics related more so to energy, healthcare, climate, and cybersecurity as they are some of the most pressing issues we face today. I will also be focusing on the emerging web3 and crypto industries that, even with a setback, are poised for major institutional adoption.  

Be on the lookout too for big-name guests from both Israel and the US tech scenes. One of my main goals this year is to expand even more so internationally and I will be looking for guests who can provide a more global tech outlook, outside of just Silicon Valley or Tel Aviv. That being said, these areas are still centers and I cannot ignore their startup prestige.

Last but not least, new ways of engaging listeners excite me. Will new engagement include VR? Maybe….though that could be a bit difficult. However, quizzes, raffles, and giveaways, which we have been experimenting with, will hopefully become more of the podcasting process. I think it will help intrigue more listeners and, of course, make listening a more fun and interactive process.

So, long and short, stay tuned for 2023 and thanks for the continued support - Happy New Year!