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The cannabis industry is burgeoning. The legal CBD market is only a few years old, and marijuana has only in the last decade received legal recognition in some states in the US. Yet, the trend is growing, with the CBD market alone recorded as having reached a market size of $4.7 billion globally with the potential to develop further. As the industry is in a nascent stage, it lacks some of the quality and safety standardization that exists in more mature markets. Ron Shimoni, CEO of Neswell, an Israeli-based cannabis and wellness firm, realized this pain point in a market hyped with unsubstantiated cannabis product claims.

As a multidisciplinary business leader with vast experience and knowledge in creating and managing successful ventures in the global arena, Ron knew that solving this unmet need could be the future of the industry. Although not an experienced cannabis expert, he returned to his familial roots in botany and decided to start the venture. “We made it our mission to bring a scientific and innovative approach to wellness you can rely on. From plant research to clinical studies on novel cannabinoid formulations, we deliver validated, evidence-based OTC products”.

Ron’s vision for Neswell therapeutics is to utilize pharma technologies to create a wellness standard that verifies cannabis products. As of right now, this standard does not exist and prevents the maturation of the cannabis market. And he clearly is on to something considering the team just finished last week raising $4 million from cannabis company BOL Pharma. The team’s idea is to collect data points from seed to product to create consistent, plant-based OTC solutions for a variety of bodily issues. In this way, he hopes to disrupt the global cannabis market and create a globally recognized cannabis product standard.