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In recent years, it is clear that people have come to understand the value of networking. Platforms like LinkedIn and online professional groups have made connecting with colleagues easier than ever before.  Yet, at the end of the day, the services are still lacking the extra push that creates a ‘true, deep connection’.

Ofir Yogev, Chief Business Officer for Meetengo has come with a new model of building. He proposes networking that uses a P2P (person-to-person) business model and affords people a platform to connect and create opportunities for each other. Termed ‘networking as a service’, Ofir believes in disrupting the status quo of current meetup and networking groups by providing ways for people to network that gives them added value, both professionally and monetarily.

He came to the conclusion that this model is the best foundation for building trust and retention. By helping to facilitate these connections using a NaaS method, he sees the future of networking as growing ever more tech-oriented, with interpersonal characteristics in mind that include specialized features to pinpoint relevant professionals and platforms that provide entirely new ways of interacting.