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Digital marketing and media buying are key elements for any business’ success. In the practical sense, it is how companies get their message in front of the right audiences so that they can grow their businesses. Yet, in another way, digital marketing is a way for businesses to also learn more about their clients. What they like, hate, want more of, and so on. However, many experts in the field have long attested that digital marketing and the way we go about measuring our success is wrong.

Lewis Rothkopf, a long-time veteran of the adtech space and now President at Martin, sees too many marketers and adtech companies focus on clickthrough rate, or how often people actually click on the ad in front of them. “Everyone relies on clickthrough rate, but what does it tell you about your consumer? Nothing.” Having spent his career developing innovative marketing solutions at companies like MediaMath and AdsNative, Lewis has a wide breadth of knowledge and perspective on the issue and what he says here is very spot on. A clickthrough rate only tells you that someone accessed your ad. It does not explain to you why the person did so, what brought them to your ad, and what made them perform any actions on the page, if any.

“At Martin, we focus on ‘incrementality’ or the idea of understanding your client at different stages of the ad and [sales] funnel.” Through incrementality, Lewis claims Martin is helping clients better reach their ideal customers and convert more. The idea is simple - understanding which clients make it to different parts of the client journey, physical store traffic, loyalty card data, and more can help businesses better execute a marketing strategy. Moreover, they can better assess at which stage their efforts convert the best. “We make it, so you know if your campaign actually targets the right people.”

Martin is different since, as Lewis describes, it was set up by two ‘non-adtech’ natives. As such, the founders focus on more scientific, data-based approaches to the adtech realm. Stepping into new shoes as President of the operation, Lewis brings with him a wealth of knowledge in the space, but also fresh ideas to take on the challenge of incrementality in digital marketing, especially as privacy rules change. “I say bring them on, people want them, it’s about time, and Martin is adapting to the changing environment.”