High Tech on the Low hosted by Jordan Kastrinsky, is on a mission to make high tech accessible to the world. In my podcast, I explore the many different facets of the world of high tech from development to marketing, to sales, to entrepreneurship and more! With society turning ever more towards technological solutions to make processes more efficient and secure, it is important, now more than ever, that we unite the high-tech sector's collective resources under one roof to reap the benefits of this knowledge-sharing. There is so much opportunity out there to grow within the industry that we must provide the tools through which to do so.

When entrepreneurs mention 'stealth mode', the time before their startup goes live to the world, the response is either for people to run away or join in. Technically-speaking, stealth mode is much more than just going live, but a form of protection. It is essentially the period when entrepreneurs are still developing their project and idea and do not want to reveal too much information for fear of it being taken, duplicated, or befalling some other unfortunate circumstance.

On one hand, many people look at an entrepreneur in stealth mode with a degree of suspicion: Why won’t he tell me everything? What is he hiding? It can make people feel as though the venture is not fully on the ‘up and up’ and may have some secrets lurking in the shadows. At the same time, others look at stealth mode as intriguing and exclusive. These types of people ask the exact same questions above but with a different intent - to be drawn in closer and to understand more about the business at hand.

Ian Sanders is currently working on a groundbreaking startup. That’s all I can say for now as he still develops his solution before launching publicly. As a former soldier in the Duvdevan Unit of the IDF and having spent some time doing contract security work abroad, Ian is no stranger to secrecy. Yet, within the context of stealth mode, he understands how to do so in a way that compliments his trajectory and end goal. What’s his end goal you may wonder? Well, that’s for all of us to wait and see, but how does he push it forward without being able to tell anyone about it?

Stealth mode carries with it a lot of serious and thoughtful considerations, not the least being the decision when to finally expose your company's solution publicly. Beyond that, there are legal processes, different methods for protection, and even more elements that Ian showcases to us that can make leading a venture in stealth challenging. As we discuss his decision to even be in stealth mode, Ian talks to me about why he found this form of business protection critical for developing his solution. Moreover, though you have to be reticent of what you say and do not say, Ian encourages a bit of marketing during this phase and explains how to go about organizing a system of promotion even without disclosing too much.