High Tech on the Low hosted by Jordan Kastrinsky, is on a mission to make high tech accessible to the world. In my podcast, I explore the many different facets of the world of high tech from development to marketing, to sales, to entrepreneurship and more! With society turning ever more towards technological solutions to make processes more efficient and secure, it is important, now more than ever, that we unite the high-tech sector's collective resources under one roof to reap the benefits of this knowledge-sharing. There is so much opportunity out there to grow within the industry that we must provide the tools through which to do so.

As a video and audio production company, Black Box Creative Media, based in Tel Aviv, focuses its efforts on creating movies and podcasts that are not just impressive, but last. They aim to provide their clients with memorable deliverables that will make a splash in their industries and keep customers coming back or introduce new customers to the companies’ offerings. Yet, many companies do not always seem to care about the high-level goods teams like those at Black Box create. As Chuck shares, many companies would rather use low-quality equipment, rely on inexperienced creators, produce untested content, or even worse, mimic other companies’ successful content strategies for ideas.

“Everyone is copying each other with similar content, it all looks the same, you should be aiming to be different.” For Chuck, he sees that successful companies embrace innovation not only in their technology but in their content and production strategies. Finding how your company or venture can stand out with its visual goods is key for there to be a long-lasting impression with the client. “And you shouldn’t compromise on quality, especially if everyone else in your industry is doing high-quality work”.

It’s understandable that many young startups and bootstrapped founders try to find the ways and means to save on money, time, and other resources. When it comes to marketing, early ventures may still try to cut costs further, since for many it can be seen as less important than other critical startup tasks. Using a phone camera can be a very good solution for creating amazing content, considering the recent advancements in the quality of phone cameras. Still, it can be worth investing in professional content, teams, and equipment from the start to avoid any potential pitfalls and already set a standard for your company’s visual language.

“Videos are a measurable tool, you can upload them, track their success, and see what works and doesn’t”. Chuck thinks that companies need to begin approaching their content more like they may their data or product - something with incredible value that if leveraged and analyzed correctly can boost the company farther than anyone might think. But you must choose how you do it, wisely and creatively.