Israeli MedTech startup DiA Imaging Analysis, which develops AI-powered ultrasound analysis solutions, announced that has secured FDA clearance for its LVivo Seamless product. This is the company’s 7th FDA approved device, cementing the company as a leader in the AI-ultrasound realm.

Streamlining echocardiography workflow

DiA Imaging Analysis’ LVivo agnostic product line for cardiac and abdominal auto analysis allows clinicians with various levels of ultrasound experience to use and analyze ultrasound images on their ultrasound devices or healthcare IT systems with increased speed and accuracy. Furthermore, results are produced on spot, at point-of-care, adding to the solution’s medical efficiency.

Founded in 2009 by Dr. Noah Liel, Michal Yaacovi, Hila Goldman Aslan and Arnon Toussia-Cohen, DiA Imaging Analysis notes that LVivo Seamless’ Machine-Learning algorithms operate “behind the scenes”, helping physicians select optimal cardiac ultrasound views out of 40-60 views in standard echocardiogram exams. Sending physicians to go through dozens of different echo exam views eats up valuable time for doctors and patients, however, the company says that implementing its AI-powered solution vastly improves the streamline of echocardiography workflow.

"LVivo software operates without human touch, and adds great value," says Dr. Steve Feinstein, professor of cardiology at Rush University Medical Center. "These rapid, reliable and accurate serial views selections and measurements enable us to get second opinions and access anytime and anywhere."

The cleared LVivo Seamless solution integrates with DiA's other LVivo cardiac auto analysis toolbox products such as LVivo EF, an automated calculation of ejection fraction (EF) calculation, which is a key indicator of global heart function. This enables clinicians to automatically obtain, for each echo-lab cardiac exam, optimal views and automated measurements in a fast, accurate and objective way.

"LVivo Seamless joins DiA's existing other solutions, to help reducing the variability associated with manually selecting views and visually analyzing cardiac ultrasound images," said Hila Goldman-Aslan, DiA's CEO and Co-Founder.