Israeli startup, which provides AI-powered customer re-engagement solutions, partners up with none other than Google to help drive E-commerce business through the search engine giant’s public listing on Google My Business.

The joint initiative will see the Israeli startup provide small and medium businesses with a way to improve their standing through the COVID storm. Google will add’s Gift Card button to its platform. This according to the company, is a proven way to boost E-commerce presence. Based on data supplied by the company, over 30% of stores without an E-commerce presence halted operations during the COVID-19 crisis, while companies that were using E-commerce tools before the crisis are expected to perform better and withstand the COVID hurricane decimating small and medium-sized businesses.

During COVID the whole E-commerce landscape changed and the accelerator button was hit on finding innovative technologies that would provide solutions to the current demand. We asked CEO and founder Yair Miron what he thought changed the most since the pandemic outbreak: “That would probably be the online "buy-local" trend - we saw endless communities, organizations, and municipalities come together and buy gift cards in bulk from small businesses in order to keep them alive and support them during these challenging times.”

Israeli startup partners with Google on Gift Card offering credit:

Google is not the only tech giant that has partnered with recently. In June, as part of the growing demand for’s re-engagement solution in the US and over the globe, was selected by Facebook to integrate its gift card solution on Facebook and Instagram. The new partnership has already been helping many small and medium businesses and enterprises (SMBs/SMEs) over the globe boost sales, loyalty, engagement, and traffic.

“Since Covid-19 started to affect the market, we see a tremendous need for advanced digital gift cards and store credit solutions like the one we are offering on Google My Business platforms,” said Miron. “The fact that was selected by Google as a partner for offering digital gift cards is one the strongest votes of confidence that our solution can get, and will allow us to help an unprecedented number of small and medium businesses.”

The team credit: Nati Cohen

Yair mentions in a talk with Geektime his vision for the future: “We aim to be the most advanced Saas gift card technology in the world. Our goal is to enable this technology to hundreds of thousands of small businesses around the world. We are now in a couple of business processes that will help us achieve this goal.”

Teaming up with a giant like Google provides with further global exposure and yet another big time brand to attach its gift card solution. The partnership has expanded the Israeli startup's operations, as the solution is offered in a variety different countries from around the world, including: US, Mexico, Hong Kong, the UK, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Australia and New Zealand.