The local tech arena isn’t just about raising money, closing big rounds of investments, scaling up, or being a leading local and global business. Many Israeli startups were actually founded with the idea change our world for the better; with a vision whose main goal is based on the common good, be it for the good of the planet, our health, or the promotion of certain populations. Many other companies are starting to follow suit, as brands, big and small, begin to adopt sustainable and/or meaningful activities for the benefit of the world. Let’s review some Israeli companies that are doing just that.


Addionics is changing the battery architecture with smart 3D Electrodes, to improve battery performance dramatically; they have developed a novel, scalable, cost-effective manufacturing process to invent the next generation of batteries. Therefore, Addionics is supporting the acceleration of a future where all vehicles will be electrically powered yet won't suffer from limitations such as range limit, charging time and life cycles. Overall, this means less pollution, especially in cities. Next-generation batteries are not only for cars; any all-battery-powered product that can live longer and therefore generate less waste. So, Addionics is not only an important component of the electric vehicle revolution but also an integral part of the global goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions; they are helping to create a better environment and a more sustainable planet.

Addionics was founded in 2018 by Dr. Moshiel Biton (CEO and co-founder). The company has raised $40 million to date and is active in Israel, the U.S., the UK, and Germany. With its headquarters in Tel Aviv and London, the company employs about 30 people.


Mine is a pioneer in the field of online user privacy, as it has developed an effective tool (application / desktop dashboard) that allows consumers to regain control of their online data. As more and more companies around the world need help to comply with various privacy regulations and consumer requests to delete information, companies are at a loss when it comes to how to overcome this often-expensive challenge. So, more and more companies understand that there needs to be an effective solution at a reasonable cost to comply with various regulations and thus the Mine business product was born.

Mine was founded in 2018, and it helps consumers be active and aware of their personal information available online and the dangers involved. While most companies in their field are engaged in the market from which they can receive income (B2B), Mine’s vision was to give customers control over their personal information (B2C). Today the company's vision has grown and expanded, and its goal is to create a better privacy reality for all.

Mine was founded by Gal Ringel (CEO), Gal Golan (CTO), and Kobi Nissan (CPO). To date, the company has raised $21 million, including a Series A which was led by Google’s AI fund and Gradient Ventures; this was the first time that Google AI invested in an Israeli company. The company is based in Tel Aviv and employs roughly 30 people.


SavorEat developed innovative technology for meat alternatives tailored to both the consumers’ and food service providers’ needs. SavorEat's unique product brings a complete supply-chain offering in a simple, holistic, and streamlined offering, removing unnecessary complexities in the production, ordering, and preparation process. In 2021, some studies showed that plant-based burgers, like that of SavorEat’s, are associated with 96-98% less greenhouse gas emissions and 43-46% less ozone depletion than beef burgers. To add to that, the meat alternatives market reduces land, water, and energy use. So, SavorEat’s full solution can reduce waste and emissions, both during production and for the end-user.

Credit: Sharon Byron

SavorEat was founded in 2018 by Racheli Vizman (CEO), Prof. Oded Shoseyov (CSO & Chairman), and Prof. Ido Braslavsky. In November of 2020, it was issued on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, making it the first food-tech company to go public in Israel. The company is based in Rehovot and employs around 30 employees.


Over the past two years, Tadiran has expanded its fields of expertise beyond air conditioning into those that deal with the environment, air purification, and renewable energy. Today, the company’s vision is to create a better living environment for all.

Many people live in "sick houses" – unfit homes filled with mould and germs, that may cause diseases and damage health. The company believes that the first step to achieving better personal health is by living in a healthy environment and having a healthy home. As people spend more and more hours at home, providing a healthy habitable living environment is crucial. As part of the company's air treatment division activity, Tadiran recently launched a technological solution called 'Tadiran Airow' which is effective in reducing up to 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, and mould. The technology is ozone free according to international standards and is registered as a patent in Israel and other countries including the U.S., Japan, China, and the EU.

Credit: Sivan Farag

Tadiran Group was formed from the merger between Tadir Electronics and the Ran Battery Company in 1962. In 2010, one of the owners of Amkor, Moshe Mamrud, purchased the company. He is now the company's CEO and controlling shareholder. In the past year, Tadiran's renewable energy operations have acquired three energy companies of significance: VP Solar in Italy, Tadiran Solar, and Aviem-Tensor. Tadiran currently employs over 600 people at a variety of its sites throughout Israel, with the company's headquarters in Petah Tikva, customer service division in Holon, and their air conditioner factory in Afula.

OCON Healthcare

OCON Healthcare created the world's first and only three-dimensional (3D) spherical uterine therapy delivery platform technology addressing a myriad of women's health issues through the uterus (such as contraception, heavy bleeding, endometriosis, fibroids, menopause and more) while avoiding systemic side effects from taking oral formulations. They have thus been a huge contributor to women’s healthcare and thereby impacting and improving women’s quality of life globally.

OCON Healthcare was founded in 2011. It is led by Keren Leshem (CEO), Prof. Sergio Haimovich (Chief Medical Officer), Dr. Idit Eshkar-Oren (VP R&D), Amir Avraham (CFO) and Dr. Anula Jayasuriya (Board Chairwoman). To date, they have raised $30 million from investors like Pontifax VC, RH Capital USA, Merchavia (Cleveland Clinic associated), and ASTIA Angels. As they are making strides in women’s health by providing safer and effective treatments for uterine disorders, they are proud that they are an 85% female-led company. OCON is located in Modiin, Israel with 22 employees.