Israeli startup Mobi (or Mobility Insight), which develops a smart transportation management platform, announced the closing of a $2 million Seed round.

Deploying AI against traffic jams

Mobi developed an AI-powered platform for better and more efficient management of traffic, in an effort to reduce the increasing vehicle congestion on the highways and urban roads. The startup’s TMaaS (Traffic-Management-as-a-Service) platform provides policymakers and traffic control optimized management capabilities over the traffic grid and urban roadway.

According to Mobi, the platform will enable easier implementation of the autonomous vehicle future, by providing a comprehensive traffic management system that is also capable of seamlessly integrating into the networks of the growing global smart city trend, which is being adopted by cities around the globe.

To accomplish a smart traffic landscape, the platform utilizes a web of physical sensors, deployed by the company, including video sensors and RF that transmit live data in real-time. Then, by letting its proprietary AI algorithms loose, the system counts and tags vehicles to predict traffic behavior in real-time, identify traffic congestion, map the the problem’s source, and recommend action to prevent roadway blockage.

The Israeli startup was awarded the opportunity to develop and operate smart traffic management by Israel’s Ministry of Transport and Road Safety for the heavily jammed Israeli roadways. This comes in addition to expanding mobility management solutions to the U.S. as well.

Mobi was founded in 2013 by CEO Dov Ganor and Prof. Moshe BenBassat. The previously mentioned $2 million Seed round was completed through ExitValley’s crowdfunding platform, private investors and a converted loan. The company tells that the capital will be pointed towards penetrating the U.S. market and developing collaborations with a variety of relevant industries.