According to recent research, there are more than 12,000,000 cases annually of patients suffering from pharmaceutical side effects caused by overdosing, mixing medication, to name a few. These cases often lead to extensive and expensive hospital care, and have caused over 275,000 deaths a year in the U.S. alone. Israeli startup MDI Health has developed technology to help physicians and pharmacists provide optimal medication management, in an attempt to drastically reduce the negative impact of mismanaged medication. A big reason behind the company’s $6 million dollar Seed announcement.

Medical database integration

The company’s system combines information from the patients themselves and their medical records to provide physicians a broader overview of past and current medications used. The MDI system integrates with various medical databases and offers a channel for patients to log in their medication history. The system then analyzes information from all accessible data points, and enables them to make comprehensive and informed decisions on prescriptions based on multi-drug interactions, individual medical history, lifestyle, and other key patient-specific factors.

“The main solutions available focus on 1:1 interactions and adherence, leading to partial analyses, laborious processes, and a lack of standardization in terms of the outcome,” says Dr. Dorit Nahlieli, Co-founder and CSO, MDI Healthcare. “In contrast, MDI’s novel AI technology enables multi-drug analyses featuring patient-specific lifestyle data to generate reliable CMRs within minutes and at scale, meaning significantly more patients get improved quality of care and lives are saved.”

MDI Health founding team

Avishai Ben-Tovim, CEO and Co-Founder of MDI Health, adds: “We believe this is a watershed moment in the democratization of healthcare in the US, making high-quality personalized medication treatment accessible to all. Consider us an AI clinical pharmacist, empowering clinicians to be able to perform more medication reviews while maintaining the highest standards. We give clinicians all the tools they need to find the best balance between efficacy of the treatment and risks of the medications for each patient individually, at mass-scale.”

MDI Healthcare was founded by Dr. Dorit Nahlieli, CEO Avishai Ben-Tovim and CTO Yuval Kalev. The company’s Seed round was led by Hanaco Ventures, with participation from FreshFund, Jumpspeed VC, Basad Ventures and Arc Impact. To date, MDI has raised $7 million.