It’s not every day that an Israeli company finds its technology implemented in one of the most popular devices on earth. Nevertheless, Israeli startup BreezoMeter wakes up to find that its air quality monitoring platform will be a new feature as part of Apple’s iOS weather app.

Reaching hundreds of millions of devices

As part of the iOS 14.3 update, Apple implemented in its weather app a new feature that displays air quality by user location. The launch of the new feature will be initially be available in 5 countries: UK, Germany, Mexico, India, and of course the U.S., with the future trending towards quick advancement into other countries as well.

BreezoMeter’s data provides real-time reports regarding the air quality around you. The air quality levels are displayed to users through a color coated local air quality index (LAQI), and its relevant health category.

In addition to LAQI, BreezoMeter provides an enhanced detail of the surrounding air quality, including pollutant levels, allergen levels, recommendations for vulnerable population, and an environmental status prediction. In a conversation with Geektime, Co-Founder and CEO Ran Korber explains that despite the Israeli developed product yet to be available in Israel, he reassures that the infrastructure already exists.

BreezoMeter’s mission is to improve the health and quality of life of billions around the world, by providing accurate air quality data that includes recommendations,” said Korber: “Thanks to the partnership with Apple, we are taking a major step forward to accomplish this goal.”

By the way, if you don’t want to wait for Apple, check out BreezoMeter’s website to find out the air quality data in your area.

An algorithm based on satellite images and traffic reports

BreezoMeter was founded in 2014 by Korber, Ziv Lautman, and CTO Emil Fisher. The company’s platform bases its product on air quality data reports from the Ministry of Environmental Protection, among other government entities, in combination with meteorological info, satellite images, and even traffic reports. This way, the company’s proprietary algorithm can create accurate readings (as much as possible) regarding air quality levels on certain streets. BreezoMeter has raised $15 million to date, with its previous round coming back in 2018.