As more people become tech-savvy, and the availability of digital tools has become widespread, more and more people have attempted to tap into their entrepreneurial side. Many along the way try their luck at founding a startup, creating a community, or even developing a new feature as part of their graduation project.

Most times these endeavors end up getting pushed to the back of the closet with life getting in the way, or lack of funding, and a plethora of other excuses and reasons. Have you ever thought what happens to the digital asset or patent that you created? Probably not.

Even your old Facebook page might have true value

Israeli startup Lastry realized that even though you might be done with your project, your digital asset might still have value for someone else. As they say “one person’s trash is another’s riches”. Lastry has developed a simplified platform for buying and selling digital assets. All users need to do is simply input information about the asset, with an option to add storytelling visuals about the project, and poof, your old school project or patent could be worth something to someone.

One thing important to remember, in the virtually accelerated world in which we live, people forget that a blueprint or project that provides a valuable digital solution to someone can be worth a lot of money. Lastry enters the tech arena to remind that your asset has true value, and its marketplace aims to act as a connector between problems and solutions, or buyers and sellers. So, now you’re probably asking yourself, what is a digital asset? And do I have one?  

A digital asset is content that has been saved on to a server or cloud, it can be a website, eCommerce store, a social media group, patent, app, or other. These assets don’t just disappear from the online sphere because you’re done playing with them. If you have already gained a following or have real users then your platform might have significant value for someone else.

To truly provide a 21st century solution, Lastry supports a team of licensed brokers on hand ready to pair your digital asset with a potential buyer. Let’s say you have a Facebook page for example, common knowledge would dictate that the value of the page should be set by the amount of followers it has. Which is true, but there are a multitude of other parameters that need to be taken in account, like community engagement, exposure, and more. All these factors could help elevate the value of your digital asset, especially if let’s say an insurance company is looking to tap into new markets and wants to gain access to the Facebook page’s few thousand followers and “convert” them over. This further displays how digital asset valuation changes according to its use on its hosting platform.

The marketplace has so far hosted 12 transactions, and the company claims that with time and effort its AI brain will be able to improve on seller-buyer pairing for optimal use. Lastry also hinted at the upcoming launch of their new product - a digital asset valuation calculator. The company was founded by Tal Chaika, Orel Babayoff and Sapir Mosacho. Check out the video below to get a real feel for the marketplace.