Men may not talk about it, but that doesn’t mean the problem doesn’t exist. Of course, the problem we’re referring to is premature ejaculation, one of the more common problems for male sexual dysfunction, which can really impair any relationship– sexual, marital, or otherwise. The Israeli startup Virility is addressing this problem with technology, rather than with medication. Today (Thursday) they announced that they have raised quite a bit of money to actualize their mission.

The patch works off electrical signals

Instead of drug therapies and treatments, the Israeli startup Virility Medical has developed a stick-on patch for men who suffer from premature ejaculation, which they apply to the perineum skin before the ‘eggplant’ meets the ‘peach’, ‘donut’ or any other emoji that fits the theme. During intercourse, the patch produces an electrical stimulus designed to prevent premature ejaculation.

How it works: The electrical signals transmitted by the Virility patch change the rate at which a man's muscles contract and expand, and thereby impede the ejaculation process. The patch works with the help of an app, which allows the user to make adjustments regarding the signals’ pace and frequency which leads to control for personalized peak performance. The patch itself is one-size-fits-all, flexible, and adapts itself to the body type of each individual user. After use, you simply discard the patch, as it is disposable. Thank God.

It's good to be backed up

The Virility patch has successfully undergone clinical trials in Israel and Italy and has already received FDA approval for its distribution, as well as CE (the European equivalent that will allow the distribution of medical products in EU countries). The company plans to market the patch directly to customers as an over-the-counter product with no need for a doctor's prescription. So, customers can purchase the patch just as they would Advil or throat lozenges.

Today, as mentioned, the startup announced the completion of a $10 million funding round, with $8 million coming from the Migdal Group and $2 million from the Arkin Group. David (Dudi) Salton, CEO of Virility Medical, said in response to the recruitment: “Our ability to close this investment round, both quickly, and in this uncertain market, shows the business potential inherent in Virility. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our investors for expressing confidence in the company's management and operations."