Normally, your IT team has a lot on their plate, that’s for sure. Though, during the pandemic it has become much more complicated dealing with dozens, if not hundreds, of remote work devices. The system developed by Israeli startup ControlUp enables IT teams to have better visibility over a distributed network. This allows them to rapidly identify problems with end-users, while cleaning a bit off their plate and making their lives easier. This was one of the key factors behind K1 and JVP’s $100 million investment in the Israeli startup.

IT now has eyes everywhere

The ControlUp system allows the organization's IT managers to monitor all existing endpoints active on the network. This way they can quickly detect bugs or low-level performance; support end users in real time; receive alerts on ‘black swan’ events; detect bottlenecks on the virtual infrastructure, and also solve queries quickly. The company also provides insights to IT, which can identify trends in the organization and analyze resource usage while comparing a variety of parameters with hundreds of other companies around the world. According to ControlUp, the implementation of the platform takes less than 10 minutes, after which the IT teams can monitor the enterprise systems, solve tickets, analyze data and implement solutions quickly.

According to the company, one factor that has had a positive impact on its operations is the transition of workers to remote work and the application of various hybrid models. Over the past year, ControlUp's revenue, according to the company, has grown by 50%, and the number of large-scale customers has grown by 67%. During that time, about a million additional employees utilized its system. Among the company's more than 1,200 customers, you will find quite a few market giants such as American Express, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile and others.

“This injection of capital will accelerate our ability to help more enterprises open the door to the limitless possibilities of a simpler, more reliable work-from-anywhere experience,” said Asaf Ganot, CEO and Co-Founder at ControlUp. “We give IT real-time visibility into system status, with the ability to resolve help desk calls faster, and even handle potential system issues before they happen. All this translates to fewer headaches, lower costs, higher productivity, and happier people.”

ControlUp was founded by Asaf Ganot and Yoni Avital in 2011, and currently has 260 employees worldwide. The round was led by K1 Investment Management and JVP -- both invested in the company’s 2020 round.