Many companies and organizations fantasize about harnessing AI for their own good, although, the route from dream to actuality is usually stacked against them. But where there is a problem… Israeli startup BeyondMinds developed a helpful platform that simplifies the adoption and adjustment of AI solutions. Today (Thursday), the company announced a $15 million Series A funding round. The investment was led by Grove Ventures and Angel Marius Nacht.

Assistance implementing AI functions, deployment within just a few weeks

According to BeyondMinds’ data, about 87% of planned enterprise AI projects fail to convert concept to reality and get stuck, usually, during the system integration stage. BeyondMind’s system enables users to implement AI technologies within just a few weeks, rather than the many years of developing the process on your own.

BeyondMinds CEO and Founder Rotem Alaluf explained to Geektime that the AI platform can accomplish incredible things even identifying fake or altered ID cards: “Solutions to these problems, and many others, are built into our platform. This is what enables us to solve these issues from the beginning, and provide tailor-made solutions in no time.” Alaluf further added that “we have created an advanced platform which will bridge between the status of AI in academia to the use of AI in industry. Our platform is tailored to solve the complex and dynamic real world data, in order to ensure that our AI systems will provide value and meet business from day one, and forever on.”

The startup has a variety of solutions on-hand for work with limited categorized data, noisy and dynamic data, meeting regulation standards, risk management, bug detection, fraud detection, monitoring, automation, and more. Among the company’s AI-hungry customers are industry giants like Microsoft, Samsung, and KPMG.

BeyondMinds was founded in 2018 by CEO Rotem Alaluf. The company was bootstrapped for their first year, but then in 2019 scored a Seed round, details unknown, from Prof. Ehud Weinstein and Dr. Ofir Shalvi, who are the former founders of Apple acquired Israeli startup Anobit. BeyondMinds intends to use the capital to further develop the product and global expansion.