Israeli FoodTech startup, Redefine Meat, unveils the world’s first 3D printed plant-based meat alternative, which the company is calling, Alt-Steak. Redefine Meat notes that towards the end of the year the product will go through the chef test before being available in markets by 2021.

By utilizing 3D printing technology the Israeli startup is able to create different plant-based “inks” which are used to form the Alt-Steak product and other alternative meat products. By infusing the Alt-Steak recipe with the company’s proprietary Alt-Blood-, Alt-Muscle, and Alt-Fat products, the process easily recreates a meatless, plant-based alternative that provides healthy levels of cholesterol and most importantly looks, smells and tastes the same, if not better, than its mooing cousin.

By leveraging meat industry experts’ insight, Redefine Meat was able to define 70 sensorial parameters from which the 3D printer is able to create an optimal meatless cut, that as previously mentioned, checks all the boxes when it comes to taste, aroma, look, tenderness and more.    

The Alt-Steak product is not only a potential positive solution for our natural ecosystem and heavy reliance on the expensive mass live-stock production industry, but the 3D-printed meat alternative is also much cheaper than beef steaks, which allows scaled-up production and cost-effective option for both restaurants and butchers. Adding to the fact that traditionally cows take a few years to grow before they are beef ready, and the Alt-Steak product can find itself on to your plate in a fraction of the time.

This has already got restaurateurs excited, as recently Redefine Meat asked Israeli celebrity chef, Assaf Granit to put the Alt-Steak to the ultimate test, to which Granit noted that the steak was no different than a beef one, also adding that he didn’t think that most diners would even notice the difference.

Later this year, the Alt-Steak product will hit high-end chef restaurants and butcheries for trial, ahead of the 2021 market launch of the product. The chefs and butchers will offer feedback regarding the Alt-Meat texture, taste, etc, so that the company can launch, come 2021, the most beef-like steak alternative to ever grace our grills and plates.

RedefineMeat was founded in 2018 by CEO Eshchar Ben-Shitrit and CBO Adam Lahav. The company intends on producing and distributing both the patent-pending 3D printers along with the special Alt-Meat concoction “ink” cartridges.