The Israeli tech ecosystem has always been a leading innovator in the health tech industry. As COVID continues to challenge global healthcare systems and expose many failures in the systems along the way, Israeli innovation has stepped up its game so that every human has access to optimal medical care. From medical data enablers to an all-in-one caregiver assistant app, these are just a sample of Israeli startups that are kicking healthcare up a notch and making for a better tomorrow.

Diagnostic Robotics

Diagnostic Robotics is an Israeli-based, global startup developing cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions for healthcare institutions and organizations. The company’s AI systems are trained on tens of billions of claims data points and nearly 100 million patient visits. In 2020 alone, the systems triaged over two million patients. Diagnostic Robotics supports healthcare providers, payers, and employers by creating seamless, data-driven interactions that integrate seamlessly into major touchpoints along the patient journey, providing high-value decision support while slashing administrative burdens, massively reducing the cost of care, and improving patient experiences.

Diagnostic Robotics team credit: Omer Hacohen

Founded in 2017 by Dr. Kira Radinsky, Yonatan Amir, and Prof. Moshe Shoham, the company has established a strong market presence with several high-profile strategic partnerships for product implementation with leading industry partners, payors, and providers in Israel and the United States. The company’s team of 90+ doctors, AI experts, software engineers, and designers are collaborating with a growing number of payer and provider partners including, Mayo Clinic, Blue Cross Blue Shield Rhode Island, the Brown-Lifespan Center for Digital Health, Deloitte, Salesforce, the State of Rhode Island, Maimonides Medical Center, the Ministry of Health of the State of Israel, Clalit HMO, Leumit HMO, Rambam Hospital, and the list goes on. The company has raised $38 million to date and is headquartered in Tel Aviv.


TailorMed is a healthcare technology company founded to help patients and healthcare providers remove financial barriers to care by making it easier for patients to cover the cost of treatment. TailorMed has helped health systems, clinics, and pharmacies across the United States to ensure that patients can afford the care that they need.

TailorMed founders: Srulik Dvorsky and Adam Siton credit: Shlomi Yosef

TailorMed’s platform automates the process of identifying financially at-risk patients, matching, and enrolling them in financial resources such as: co-pay assistance, replacement drug programs, government subsidies, community and state resources, assistance from disease-specific foundations, and programs that support patients with their living expenses. For patients, the platform can help reduce out-of-pocket responsibility, eliminate downstream financial hardships and avoidance of care. For provider organizations, TailorMed shifts financial assistance from collections to a proactive approach of addressing financial needs at the point of care, improving financial performance. The Israeli company was founded by Srulik Dvorsky and Adam Siton, with headquarters in Tel Aviv.

Nym Health

Nym Health is an autonomous medical coding technology provider that takes an innovative approach to revenue cycle management. Nym’s clinical language understanding (CLU) engine performs better than human coding and does so within seconds and with zero human intervention. The Nym engine tracks patient visits and processes patient charts, including highly individualized doctors’ notes. Relevant codes are assigned to the patient chart and sent back to providers or RCM companies in less than five seconds — compared to the traditional five-to nine-day process involved when coding is entered manually.

The Nym team credit: Uriah Sayag

Nym Health is deployed in 40 hospitals in the U.S. and enables fully automated, efficient, and transparent revenue cycle management for healthcare providers. Nym Health has offices in Tel Aviv and New York City. The company was founded by Amihai Neiderman and Adam Rimon. Recently, Nym raised $25 million after securing a $16.5 million Series A, led by GV (Google's investment arm).

UVTAL Health – Rumble

UVTAL HEALTH (AKA Rumble wellness) developed a digital platform that allows its users to maintain a more healthy and active lifestyle by using economical, social and psychological incentives. The goal of the company is to create a win-win situation where all the parties benefit from the new health based economy created by UVTALS product.

Rumble Team credit Hadar Youavian

UVTAL HELTH helps global life/health insurance providers, corporates and other health organizations make data-driven decisions, personalized policy criteria and premiums, enhance digital experience and improve retention rates  by providing real-time data about policyholders/members gathered through UVTALs digital platforms. the company was founded by CEO Alon Silberberg, CTO Lior Klibansky, and Chief Architect Yaron Levi, and is located at Rishon Lezion, Israel

Sight Diagnostics

Founded in 2011, Sight Diagnostics aims to transform health systems and patient outcomes through accurate blood diagnostic testing. Sight’s technology, developed over a decade of research, represents breakthrough innovations in diagnostic methodology. Sight’s latest blood analyzer, Sight OLO, performs a Complete Blood Count, the most commonly ordered blood test, in minutes.

Sight Diagnostics

Sight OLO creates a digital version of a blood sample by capturing more than 1,000 highly detailed images from just two drops of blood obtained from a finger prick or venous sample. These images are then interpreted by proprietary and fully automated AI algorithms. Sight’s first product, ParasightTM, has been used to detect malaria in almost 1 million tests across 24 countries. The company has rapidly growing offices in the UK, the US and Israel. Sight was founded in 2011 by CEO Yossi Pollak and Dr. Daniel Levner, Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board.The company has raised over $ 120 million to date.


Aidoc’s AI-algorithms help flag incidental critical findings, which is a huge technical challenge due to the varied imaging protocols and minimal cases available. The ability to prioritize incidental critical conditions accurately is a breakthrough in the value AI can bring to the radiologist workflow, becoming a radiologist's new "best friend". The Aidoc system is installed as a virtual server inside a hospital’s secure server room. The data is analyzed and distributed anonymously in the cloud. Then, it's prioritized by case severity to better help streamline decision making for radiologists.


The company’s product has been out of the theory aisle for a while now. The system has received numerous FDA approvals already, and has been installed in over 100 hospitals around the world. Aidoc was founded in 2016 by CEO Elad Walach, CTO Michael Braginsky and VP R&D Guy Reiner. The company has raised $140 million to date, and has 190 employees based at offices in Israel, the U.S., and Europe.


MeMed is an Israeli startup developing host response technologies. According to the company, its platform decodes the body’s complex signals into simple insights that improve people’s lives. By leveraging their expertise in host-response profiling and machine-learning algorithms, MeMed is creating a portfolio of tests that address tough clinical dilemmas.

Dr Eran Eden, CEO & Dr Kfir Oved, CTO credit: MeMed

The company's flagship product, MeMed BV, accurately differentiates bacterial from viral infection, enabling improved patient management, including appropriate antibiotic use, and helping address the global healthcare challenge of antimicrobial resistance. Based on computational integration of bacterial and viral-responsive immune proteins, Key delivers the BV result in 15 minutes from serum; this test was clinically validated on thousands of patients, is CE-marked and 510(k) pending. MeMed’s headquarters are in Israel, with a subsidiary in the US. MeMed’s international team exemplifies bio-convergence, encompassing experts in molecular immunology, bioinformatics, assay development, engineering, and infectious disease. Currently, commercial, sales and service divisions are being expanded to support launch.

Antidote Health

An Israeli telehealth startup helping millions of uninsured Americans access affordable medical care. Antidote's AI-powered platform connects between patients and doctors through video calls and chatbots.

The Antidote Health team

The US healthcare market crossed the $4 trillion total expenditure threshold last year (about 19% of GDP). It has reached its current state in light of the existing structural separation in the market between medical service providers and insurance companies. Antidote's B2C HMO model unites these two parts, aligning the interests between the patient, health providers and the coverer. By taking a more direct approach to coverage, Antidote is able to provide uninsured individuals with quality medical care, while only quoting them as little as $29 per month. Antidote launched its HMO model earlier this year across New York, New Jersey, Florida, Michigan, and North Carolina, with extended rollout planned for 2022.


DayTwo’s product uses advanced algorithms to predict the impact of different foods on blood glucose levels to help patients live healthier and maintain their nutritional target. The company analyzes patients' microbiome, and combines the findings with a health condition survey and blood test results. After the DayTwo system analyzes the info, it provides patients with a actionable insights and a customized meal plan, which can be easily found on the DayTwo app.

The DayTwo app

The Israeli company reports, in total, over 70,000 active users between Israel and the U.S. DayTwo was founded by Marius Nacht (Check Point founder and head of aMoon), Lihi Segal, and Yuval Ofek, with technology based on research conducted by Prof. Eran Segal and Prof. Eran Elinav from the Weizmann Institute of Science. The company employs a team of 120, with 80 based in Israel and the additional 40 in the U.S.


IDENTI provides powerful data-capture solutions to create a vivid, real-time account of medical inventory and consumption. Through IDENTI's patent-protected automation it is possible to streamline inventory management and obtain a comprehensive understanding of the costs and billing of surgeries. The platform assists in maintaining patient safety by tracking product integrity of available stock and alerting of improper use of expired and recalled items. The Company's cloud system contains information about hundreds of thousands of medical products. Integrated artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies enable rapid, automatic documentation of information in patient files and hospital systems, thus saving an expensive investment to maintain an up-to-date database and ensuring meeting stringent regulatory requirements for documenting implants in patients’ medical records.

IDENTI Medical

Hundreds of hospitals, medical device manufacturers and international logistics companies worldwide are using IDENTI’s platform to make better enterprise decisions and provide better and safe care for their patients. The company was founded in 2017 by CEO Shlomi Matisyahu and Alon Negbi. The offices are in Netanya.


Emendo Biotherapeutics develops next generation gene editing tools for genetic disorders, addressing the current technological gaps for realizing the promise of gene therapy. They leverage their expertise in protein engineering to bring innovative and disruptive protein tools to resolve bottlenecks in the field. Emendo’s platforms bring CRISPR to precision levels that broaden the range of targetable genes for successful gene editing.

While CRISPR is a breakthrough technology that greatly increases the possibilities of gene editing, for most genetic diseases it is still limited and unable to make the required edits. Emendo designed a novel approach that would enable to make any gene targetable. They recognized a panel of novel nucleases with various characteristics that could unlock broader areas of the genome and that these nucleases could then be optimized per target sequence to achieve high levels of precision editing. Emendo was founded in 2015 by CEO David Baram, CIPO and Head of Pipeline Development Rachel Diamant, and CSO Lior Izhar. The company has raised $61 million over 3 funding rounds, and its offices are based in Science Park, Rehovot, Israel.


Medflyt is a caregiver's little helper. It turns out that a friendly app can engage caregivers to work more, get all tasks done, train on time, remain compliant, and give better care – more efficiently than any coordinator.

Medflyt is a smart management system for home care providers built around the caregivers' real needs and experience. The company's app optimizes all aspects of home care operations: hiring and staffing, scheduling and EVV reporting, billing and payroll, and everything in between. The app is giving caregivers more control over their careers, which before was under the ruling of the agencies' coordinators.