Mitiga, an Israeli cyber startup developing a cloud-based real-time response system, closed $25 million in Series A funding. The round was led by ClearSky Security, with participation from Atlantic Bridge and DNX.

Incident response in the cloud

Instead of focusing on the next attack, Mitiga targets post incident response and readiness. This comes from the assumption that even if a company places hundreds of cyber products on its frontline, different attacks will still make it through. Mitiga’s platform integrates throughout the customer’s network, cloud included; automates investigation of the post attack scene, and provides decision makers with its findings for remediation.

The Mitiga platform translates investigation findings for use in each enterprise department. Security teams, for example, receive technical details regarding breach points or mapping out active malware. Mitiga’s system isn’t limited to the technical side either. The system also generates relevant info to provide PR teams with visibility, as well as equipping board members with IR details. According to the company, its system brings recovery down to just hours, vs. days or even weeks with traditional incident response.

“We have seen firsthand how demoralizing and detrimental slow responses are to cyber attacks,” said Tal Mozes, co-founder and CEO of Mitiga. “The cloud represents new challenges for incident readiness and response and we’re bringing the industry’s first incident response solution in the cloud, for the cloud. This funding will allow us to further our engagements with heads of enterprise security who are looking to recover from an incident in real-time, attract even more of the most innovative cybersecurity minds in the industry, and expand our partner network. I couldn’t be more excited about what Mitiga is going to do for cloud-first organizations who understand the importance of cybersecurity readiness and response.”

Mitiga was founded in 2019 by Ofer Maor, Tal Mozes, and Ariel Parnes.The company has 41 employees based in offices in London, New York, and Tel Aviv. Just a little less than a year ago the company first emerged from stealth mode with a $7 million Seed round. Now with the current round, Mitiga has raised $32 million to date.