Autotalks, which specializes in V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) communication solutions, has teamed up with Applied Information, Inc., an Atlanta-based provider of intelligent transportation infrastructure solutions, to save lives on the roads of Georgia, Texas, and Hawaii. The two companies are carrying out the world’s first Dual-Mode /Dual- Active V2X deployment, in which Autotalks’ dual-mode chipsets are installed in emergency vehicles and on roadside units such as traffic lights.

Applied Information has developed a Dual-Mode/Dual-Active Roadside Unit to communicate with vehicles equipped with V2X On Board Units (OBUs). The main use-cases are for emergency vehicles’ traffic signal preemption, transit buses for traffic signal priority, and vehicles involved in roadside work zones.

Alpharetta, Georgia was the first test case where the new traffic signal preemption function was deployed. The function automatically controls traffic light signaling, essentially providing emergency vehicles with priority through the traffic light, while bringing surrounding vehicles to a secure stop. The collaborated functions are expected to expand to offer priority to transit buses, red-light running alerts, and “get ready for green” messages, all aimed at moving traffic in a safer way. Following the success of the Georgia test case, additional states, including Texas and Hawaii have signed agreements to use the Israeli collaborated technology as well.

“Our work with Applied Information, which results in the world’s first Dual-Mode /Dual- Active V2X deployment, is another proof that the auto industry is determined not to wait until the US regulator will decide which V2X technology to deploy. Whether C-V2X or DSRC is selected, there is a move to deploy agnostic technologies such as the one we are offering with AI, and to begin saving lives today,” said Yuval Lachman, VP of Business Development at Autotalks. He added that the collaboration will expedite Autotalks’ entry into the U.S. market.

Yuval Lachman VP of Business Development Autotalks

Autotalks, which was founded in 2008 by Onn Haran, claims that it has an important advantage as its dual-mode V2X chipset can enable the US automotive industry to immediately start large-scale V2X deployment. With the company’s dual-mode chipset, carmakers can focus on bringing enhanced safety to US roads with V2X without taking into consideration which V2X technology will prevail.

“The AI/Autotalks solution enables roadway operators to confidently deploy V2X technology today so the infrastructure is ready for the auto industry deployment while providing ‘Day One’ benefits such as safer, faster emergency vehicle response times now,” said Bryan Mulligan, president of Applied Information.