At a time when YouTube and Twitch reign content kings over television for the younger generation, the TV market seems to need a definite shot of technology to stay relevant for the next generations, and Israeli startup INTHEGAME is developing a platform to do just that. Today, the startup announced a $1.2 million funding round, counting quite a few top market Israeli players signing their checkbooks: Shaked Ventures, PlayLabs@MIT, Techstars, Big Block Media Holdings, and Charlton - which owns 4 sports channels in Israel.

An interactive experience on live TV

The company is developing a system that creators interactive content for live TV and for video on demand, so that viewers can be more engaged with the shows that they binge-watch on the couch. Just think that while you’re watching a reality talent show with friends, the show is interacting with you, providing mini-games and trivia, even enabling viewers the option to rank contestants on the show. For sports fans, the options for in-game bets with your buddies are endless, guess right who makes the next shot, and you could be crowned king of the evening. The system tallies your picks and even awards points for correct guesses. Moreover, interactive watching will force the content makers from the major TV networks to step up their game, as they would have a tool to better engage their viewing crowd.

According to the company, by utilizing its interactive platform viewing-time rises 90%, with it shooting up to 150% for return viewers. INTHEGAME is set to launch its platform next week during the US Open golf tournament, and claims that the interactive features can be integrated into the viewing content itself. So next time your favorite America’s Got Talent contestant is up to perform, you could vote straight from the remote.

INTHEGAME was founded in 2017 by CEO Aviram Sharon, CTO Itai Arbel, and VP R&D Yura Coptiman. The company’s headquarters are based in Tel Aviv.