Facial recognition technology has already found its way into almost everyone’s pocket nowadays. You know. How you get into your phone without typing a password. Intel announced the launch of a new facial recognition system, allowing users to pull cash from the ATM, with their faces instead of their debit cards.

Hollywood masks help train the system

The chip giant unveiled RealSense ID - a hardware/software facial recognition system. In a conversation with Geektime, Corporate Vice President at Intel Sagi Ben Moshe explains that most of the system was developed in-house - including the algorithmic system, and the neural network that powers the facial recognition technology. Intel’s next generation of deep sensing products is expected to be integrated with the dedicated system-on-a-chip (SoC).

Ben Moshe notes that the database used to train RealSense ID’s neural network was created for this purpose, and many resources have been invested. This includes global Intel representatives paying people from different ethnic groups and ages to help train the system with their faces.

Intel is proud that its facial recognition system is Spoofing proof. Ben Moshe adds that Intel even went one step further and developed high-quality masks (not the COVID kind) - similar to the masks used on Hollywood sets - of part of the people who were photographed to build the database. This challenge helped ensure that the neural network could not be fooled. The whole process takes place on the end device, meaning that no user data is run through the cloud, leaving the data less exposed to malicious eyes. The system includes a Secure Enclave component, which encrypts all incoming info so that data is unusable in case of it is hacked.

The RealSense ID-Intel facial recognition SoC

Scammers? 1 in a million chance

RealSense ID’s technology has successfully achieved a 1 in a million false identification rate. In the video below, check out how the company’s system successfully recognizes the user despite trying to trick the network by wearing sunglasses, different filters, and a face mask.

Ben Moshe continues to explain that Intel already has customers lined for the Israeli developed facial recognition technology, and in the coming year, we should expect to see the system implemented in their products. Intel states that the system can be used for drawing money at the ATM or getting a boarding ticket at the airport. Just like the RealSense cameras, the facial recognition system is targeting the land of B2B, with an open-source SDK so users have unlimited access.

For those worried about “Big Brother” tracking, Ben Moshe calmingly states that another of RealSense ID’s advantages is that the system is entirely voluntary, and won’t monitor any unauthorized faces.