Ibex Medical Analytics, the Israeli startup and market leader in AI-powered cancer diagnostics, today announced a strategic partnership with Dedalus Group, the leading healthcare and diagnostic software solutions provider in Europe, to bring the power of artificial intelligence to digital pathology.

Unfortunately, every single one of us knows someone who has been affected by cancer. Cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for nearly 10 million deaths in 2020, which equates to one in six deaths. Though there are various types of cancers, from breast and lung to colon, rectum and prostate, many cancers can be cured if detected early which allows for a better prognosis and more effective treatment.

The problem is that the number of cancer patients is growing, so there is an increasing demand for pathology services for screening and detecting cancer early. However, there is a global shortage of trained pathologists capable of diagnosing cancer. That is why Ibex Medical Analytics was founded: to give pathology laboratories efficiency-enhancing solutions that enable them to maintain high accuracy levels and reduce time to diagnosis.

Fusing AI and cancer diagnostic pathology

Ibex harnesses AI and Machine Learning in its clinical-grade algorithms and digital workflows that help detect and grade cancer in biopsies– the first-ever AI-powered integrated diagnostics solution in pathology. As Joseph Mossel, CEO and Co-founder of Ibex Medical Analytics stated, “To unlock the full potential of artificial intelligence, pathologists and health systems need AI-enabled workflows and integrated cancer pathways.” That is what they get when using Ibex. With their platform, physicians are empowered to provide every patient with an accurate, timely and personalized cancer diagnosis. Since Ibex is routinely used in clinical practice worldwide, not only are they supporting pathologists and providers in improving the quality and accuracy of diagnosis, but they are also implementing comprehensive quality control, reducing turnaround times, and boosting productivity with more efficient workflows. They are able to do this at an unprecedented scale. Already, the company’s platform has demonstrated outstanding outcomes in multiple clinical studies on various tissue types and clinical workflow and has been deployed in labs worldwide.

Ibex finds a partner in Europe

Dedalus Group is the leading healthcare and diagnostic software provider in Europe. Dedalus’ end-to-end digital pathology solution addresses the needs of anatomic pathology labs and ensures interoperability with existing multi-vendor solutions. This allows for a seamless, gradual evolution towards full digitization to meet the increasing demands of the healthcare system. With over 30 years of experience in laboratory solutions, Dedalus has deployments in over 5700 laboratories and 6300 hospitals globally and has been instrumental in successfully bringing cutting-edge technologies into the laboratories to make the systems as agile, efficient, and accurate as possible.

The partnership will bring the power of Ibex’s AI algorithms into Dedalus’ end-to-end digital pathology solution. With seamless integration, the joint solution will analyze cases prior to human pathologists’ review, providing decision support tools that will enable increased focus on cancerous slides and areas of interest, streamline reporting, improve laboratory efficiency, and increase diagnostic confidence. Essentially, this partnership will enable smooth workflows in a single application.

Hopefully, as more and more health solutions like Ibex’s come to the market, our society will be equipped with tackling the slew of diseases that are becoming more frequent with every living day.