Israeli MarTech startup Humanz, an AI-powered platform for micro-influencer campaigns, counts $3 million as part of the company’s Seed round. The investment was led by NGN Partners and Buffet Group, with private investors also getting in on the action.

U.S. market coming soon

Humanz' AI-driven platform leverages Deep Learning algorithms to optimize networking connections between marketing teams and content creators. By analyzing billions of content pieces and social media pages, the system identifies true compatible influencers to pair with marketing team’ campaign requirements. Being no easy task, the AI platform is able to sift through numerous fake followers and fraudulent accounts, picking out influencers that are ideal for your next marketing campaign.

The company notes that influencer marketing, although one of the fastest growing digital advertising channels, comes with its fare share of challenges. From fake followers to fraudulent accounts, Humanz’s AI platform is able to sift through the lot, and pick out ideal influencers to enhance your next marketing campaign. While current influencer marketing workflow remains a fragmented process, Humanz looks to change that by offering users digital tools, and most important, access to data-backed market knowledge and consumer communities. A one-stop-shop that connects brands and their marketing teams with influencers and their communities.

Humanz' influencer platform

“Marketers appreciate the software for making each element of influencer marketing campaign management more data-driven. The creators appreciate deep insights on their audiences, and access to collaboration tools. Everyone gains exactly what they need by helping one another,” said Liav Refael Chen, Co-Founder and CEO of Humanz.

In addition to its main product, users can also take advantage of Humanz Connect - a platform where influencers swipe to look for potential collaboration opportunities. Currently, over 50,000 influencers utilize the platform, which is operational Israel, South Africa, Turkey, Nigeria, Brazil, and the UK- with the U.S. set to launch in the near future.

Humanz was founded in 2017 by CEO Liav Refael Chen, CTO Eliran Moyal, VP R&D Shmuel Goldfarb, CPO Kobi Dalal, and Roi Naaman, all veterans of 8200 - the Israeli military’s elite intelligence unit. The company also sports an impressive list of global clients, including McDonalds, Kimberly-Clark, L’Oreal, Nestlé, Group M, Universal McCann, among many others.