Israeli MedTech company Hospitech Respiration, which develops medical airway management solutions, announced that it has partnered with Chinese company AwakeZone. This shows Hospitech Respiration’s intention to further expand its footprint in China, with various Chinese hospitals already deploying Hospitech’s airway solution since 2017, and more recently deployed to the Hubei province to help treat ventilated COVID patients.

Not Hospitech's first rodeo in China

The new joint venture will see the establishment of wholly-owned subsidiary Hospitech AwakeZone Medical, which will lead production and commercialization of the Israeli company’s AnapnoGuard in China, including establishing a manufacturing facility as well as easing the adoption of Hospitech’s medical solution across Chinese medical centers and hospitals.

"The systems are in use in several leading hospitals in China since 2018 and were used to treat Covid-19 patients in several hospitals in the Wuhan region,” said Sunny Shan, CEO of AwakZone Medical.

Hospitech’s AnapnoGuard device is designed to significantly reduce complications in ventilated patients. The device works alongside and is complementary to the ventilator. It provides automated airway cuff pressure management and automated evacuation of the subglottic secretions which minimizes the risk of lung infection and risk of injury to the trachea walls.

“This latest expansion is in response to the increasing demand we are seeing for our advanced airway management devices both in China and globally,” said Yoav Venkert, CEO of Hospitech Respiration. “We are extremely pleased to announce the establishment of Hospitech AwakeZone Medical Company, a manufacturing and local Chinese sales subsidiary. This joint venture will allow Hospitech to work closely with the local medical professionals and authorities in China, which is becoming the world’s second largest medical device market. We are looking forward to working together to ensure our products become the standard of care in treatment of ventilated patients in the Chinese healthcare system,"  Yoav Venkert added.

Hospitech Respiration was founded in 2006 by CTO Israel Deutsch and Inventor and Scientific Directo Dr. Shai Efrati. The company provides its FDA, CFDA, and CE approved products in the Israeli medial market, as well as establishing itself in the U.S., with a lineup of respiration critical solutions. This current marketing and distributing deal comes only a month after securing a similar deal in the U.S. with Medline Industries Inc.