Astrix Security, the first app-integration access management solution, yesterday (February 24th) launched from stealth to modernize how enterprises monitor and control their ever-expanding web of interconnected third-party applications. The company is backed by $15M seed funding from lead investors Bessemer Venture Partners and F2 Capital, with participation from Venrock and over 20 leading cyber-security angel investors.

End users are increasingly weaving third-party integrations and automation into the fabric of their operations to drive enterprise growth and productivity, particularly amid a surge in remote and cloud-based work. But this tangled web of third-party connections to enterprises’ critical systems is largely unmonitored, creating shadow integrations and exposing businesses to a growing attack surface vulnerable to supply chain attacks, data spillage, and compliance violations. This type of cybersecurity attack was seen in the SolarWinds, Codecov, Waydev and, more recently, the Red Cross cases.

Astrix provides full integration lifecycle management, starting with an immediate inventory of all third-party connectivity to enterprise applications, enriched with contextual data for unique exposure assessment and precise mitigation. The platform automatically detects changes and malicious anomalies within third-party integrations, and low-code/no-code workflow configurations provide real-time remediations and help security teams seamlessly manage shadow integrations with out-of-the-box security policy and enforcement guardrails. Large enterprises across the industries of finance, travel, HR, and automotive, have already integrated Astrix’s technology.

In a conversation with Geektime, Alon Jackson, CEO and Co-Founder of Astrix, expressed to us that there are plenty of solutions out there to secure user access management, but none that help organizations secure app-integration access to their critical platforms. He claimed that as security experts, he, and his team at Astrix understand how hard it is for organizations to maintain crucial security controls in highly complex and dynamic environments — particularly with increasing bottom-up adoption of third-party integrations by employees looking to get the job done. That is why they built Astrix: to equip security leaders with a platform to help them transform from connectivity gatekeepers to growth partners.

Astrix was co-founded by Alon Jackson (CEO) and Idan Gour (CTO) in 2021.