AmplioSpeech, an Israeli startup founded by Dr. Yair Shapira, develops a digital platform aimed at connecting educators and therapists with special needs students. The company announced the closing of a $27 million funding round, led by Quad Partners, which specializes in supporting EdTech startups. The round also saw participation from existing investor Volos Investments.

“Our mission is to help students with special needs maximize their potential, and we’re thrilled that this funding will enable us to reach more children,” Shapira said.

Founded the company to help his son

AmplioSpeech developed an AI-powered platform that helps connect and encourage children with learning disabilities, like ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, and others. The platform leverages Big Data and automation technologies to help advance the children, by adapting the curriculum to each child; Displaying tasks based on the child’s ideal path, measuring response time - writing, speech, signaling, and analyzing response through NLP; and very important, Immediate personalized reinforcement for each child.

The platform runs with the kid during sessions with teachers or therapists, as well as during home assignments. And the administrator side is armed with a 360-degree view into student progress, programs, resources, compliance, funding, and more. Amplio’s platform is being utilized by the U.S. education system, and it includes a management system for digital classes, automation of documentation (required by law), and a data-backed system empowering decision makers with insight at the county, state, and regulator levels.

CEO and co-founder Dr. Yair Shapira founded the company to help his son, who suffered from a stutter. Shapira explains that the Amplio platform provides students with a result-focused “digital tutor”, “so that they can hit their goals and advance faster, especially in light of all the lost time following COVID lockdowns.”

AmplioSpeech was founded in 2014 by Shapira, and employs a team of 50 people, which are split between offices in the U.S. and Israel. Amplio says that it plans on using the funds to expand product R&D and market activity, while enhancing sales and customer experience. The Israeli startup is extremely proud of the tens of thousands of kids, and growing, who have used the platform since it was launched in 2019.