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With the recent news of China gradually reopening its borders for businesses and talents and the significant reduction of covid restrictions, now more than ever, China is a lucrative destination for Israeli entrepreneurs who are expanding their offshore business.

For this reason, several outstanding accelerators are dedicated to assisting Israeli startups in localizing their solutions to the Chinese market and finding strategic investors, distributors and clients in the second-largest market in the world.

Like every year, Geektime analyzes the performance of top accelerators in Israel and this year, one of the most prominent and active Chinese accelerator programs was HCH Ventures; they have therefore been granted Geektime’s "Best Chinese Accelerato of 2022". The prize was granted to Mr. Du Chunlong, Overseas GM Of HCH Ventures, in a nomination meeting with the Geektime team in Tel-Aviv.

The Kitchen Accelerator. Second from the left: Mr. Du Chunlong

Mr. Du Chunlong has stated: "I am honoured to receive this prize as a token of appreciation for our contribution to the Israeli ecosystem and the financial ties between the two countries. We will continue working to support Israeli enterprises in China to improve their scientific and technological capabilities, build competitive advantages, and provide funding to their operations by direct investment while also introducing other investment institutions to jointly help enterprises develop in China."

HCH Ventures is a complementary service platform that aggregates strategy, technology, and capital.

From a strategy perspective, they refer to the opening up of the industrial ecosystems of large enterprises for entrepreneurship, so that the products and services of small and medium-sized enterprises can be quickly integrated into the products and supply chains of large enterprises and quickly open the market.

When looking at technology, HCH Ventures helps start-ups by providing information and digital transformation services, providing patent and intellectual property-related services for enterprises, and more importantly, opening Haier's innovation and R&D platform to help enterprises improve their scientific and technological level and build competitive advantages.

And lastly, when looking at capital, HCH provides joint funding with leading financial institutions in China.

About the accelerator

HCH Ventures is an accelerator platform for global entrepreneurs created by the multinational Haier Group. The program has been active in Israel since 2020
together with Qingdao International Business Club (Israel) and has successfully accelerated well-known companies in their expansion to the Chinese market.

In 2021, it was recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China as the national public service demonstration platform for small and medium-sized enterprises, and in the same year, it was also recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China as the first batch of public service demonstration platforms to provide services for specialized and new "little giant" enterprises. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China has recognized HCH Ventures because of their "rooted entrepreneurship" model. Focusing on entrepreneurs, HCH Ventures has established an entrepreneurial ecosystem for the integration of innovation and development of large, medium, and small enterprises. It provides services and products related to innovation and entrepreneurship for large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, investment institutions and even local governments, including enterprise acceleration services, urban new economy services, and entrepreneurial ecological services.