Every year around the winter holiday season, Roladin rolls out its extravagant and indulgent sufganiyot donuts. In Israel, we have two camps when it comes to these marvellous treats: those who are excited to get their hands on these delicious, carbohydrate and saturated fat-rich snacks, and those who simply refuse to pay the exorbitant price for them. But as you know, this year is the year of AI-based image generation, so we can't forget about these donuts.

Not yet on the market

Omri Feinstein is an Israeli developer and journalist who decided to test the capabilities of these AI image generators to create the most delicious-looking donuts–which Roladin will probably try to replicate next year. In a post on his Facebook page, Feinstein published 11 different types of donuts that were created with the image generator. The caption read “Roladin is so 90s– here is a collection of donuts I created with artificial intelligence," wrote Feinstein.

Screenshot of Feinstein's post which dictates: “Roladin is so 90s– here is a collection of donuts I created with artificial intelligence"

In a conversation with Geektime, Feinstein says that he created his donuts with the Midjourney tool, which allows, among other things, the creation of images using Discord and all the prompts of other users. The idea is that others can improve the prompts and results. "I've seen in the last few weeks people use it to generate ideas and concepts from the worlds of fashion and design, and in the last few days I got caught up in the food section because I'm a cooking enthusiast," Feinstein said.

Credit: Midjourney

He says that aside from creating these crazy donuts with the help of the model, he also uses Midjourney to come up with creative ideas for dishes he can make. "Today, for whatever reason, the image of a Roladin donut was on my mind and wanted to see what Midjourney could do in that regard; if it even understood the concept of a donut," he said. Then, he was set on a mission to generate some sufganiyot images. In the prompts that Feinstein wrote to the generator, he did not "cheat" and use the word a donut, but he actually used the word "Sufganiyah'' (those of us who are familiar with donuts and sufganiyot know they are not the same thing). He added several different descriptive words to get the final result– which as you can see, are quite impressive.

Credit: Midjourney

If you want to try it yourself, here is one of the prompts: a premium looking Sufganiyah inspired by Autumn, detailed, appetizing, food photography